Multistar Fruits by Endorphina Is One Of The Best Fruit Slots Ever Created

Multistar Fruits is one of the most exciting fruit-themed online slots ever created, and one of the hottest releases of 2023.

multistar fruits slot

Meet Multistar Fruits, one of the most exciting fruit slots to date, and one of the hottest releases of 2023. With so many fruit-themed slots on the market, one might think that there is no longer room for innovation and excitement. Well, not if you ask Endorphina, one of the most dedicated iGaming studios in the business.

Luckily for us, Endorphina still knows how to capitalize on the most popular fruit genre even after thousands of fruit-inspired slots on the market. Thanks to the brilliant work of the creative minds behind Endorphina, Multistar Fruit is an online slot that simply has it all.

Just like every slot produced by this developer, Multistar Fruits also comes with the standard high-end graphics which eventually results in a visually appealing masterpiece. Everything from the soothing, yet vibrant colours to the jazzy background music is meant to boost your mood, and we can honestly say that it manages to achieve just that.

However, the biggest mood booster of them happens once you glance at the technical aspect of this online slot. Not only do you get several of the most rewarding bonus features, but Endorphina also brings a new level of innovation to Multistar Fruits which allows you, the player, to choose exactly how many paylines of the reels you want active.

In addition to this innovation, Endorphina also made sure to add the most sought-after bonus feature of them all, the free spins. And not only that, but they also made sure to put in additional free spins mode, which is on top of the regular free spins bonus round.

And even that is just barely scratching the surface when it comes to this particular online slot. Multistar Fruits comes with a bunch of other engaging features that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire session. This is why we highly recommend reading the full review of Multistar Fruits. It is truly a slot masterpiece that you should definitely check out.

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