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It is with utmost joy that Gamblers Connect presents the contender for best online casino in the world, the complete package and one of the best to do it, Mr Green Casino.

We can easily say that one of the things we love the most is presenting you with any of our new partners. Regardless of the online casino, we are always happy to inform our readers about certain cooperation. However, whenever we have an online casino such as this one today, this happiness amplifies greatly. And that is the case with the latest partner of Gamblers Connect, Mr. Green Casino.

If you are an online casino fan, chances are you probably know, or even visited Mr. Green yourself at some point in your journey. And if that is the case, you already know what type of operator Mr. Green is. But, in case you encounter Mr. Green for the first time, then you are definitely in for a treat.

To begin with, as of 2019, January, Mr. Green is owned and operated by William Hill Plc. And it is only natural that the biggest sports betting brand in the world went for the undeniable quality that Mr. Green harbours. And even prior to this successful acquisition, Mr. Green already had a stacked award cabinet.

As a result, this online operator currently holds nearly 30 international prestigious awards. And each award is for a different achievement in the iGaming business. Whether it is an award for Responsible Operator of the Year, Online Casino of the Year or Innovator of the Year. One thing is certain. All of these awards and trophies serve only as a testament to all the hard work this brand puts into making its players happy.

The end result is an online casino with literally every online casino essential you can possibly think of. The promotions are frequent, and rather rewarding as well. As a matter of fact, there are currently 2 multi-million cash and prize drops, among some of the more rewarding. And not to mention the Welcome Bonus that you personally get to select.

Literally everything from the interface, up to the professional interaction with the 24/7 customer service. Everything is up to the highest standards. And consequently, makes for an unforgivable experience.

It is truly impossible to try and write every feature that comes with this amazing operator. The best way to fully experience Mr Green is to just visit. Only then you will see why Gamblers Connect is proud to call Mr. Green casino our new partner.

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