Microsoft and Future Anthem Forge New Partnership

The pioneer giants Microsoft and Future Anthem have forged a new partnership with a promising outlook.

Microsoft and Future Anthem forged a new partnership deal. This new cooperation is set to see two pioneers of their respective industries join forces and grow mutually. Given that both Microsoft and Future Anthem are literally groundbreakers in their fields, we expect this cooperation the be a rather potent one.

Microsoft is a leading computer software developer that doesn’t need much introduction. The point is, if you have a pc, then you most definitely know what Microsoft is. Future Anthem, on the other hand, is not quite known. But believe us when we tell you that this company holds the same value as Microsoft in the iGaming world. Especially if you look at the history and portfolio of the company. Then it is clear that we are dealing with the undisputed leader in the field of AI and Game Data Science. This AI and Game Data specialist existed since 2018.

Furthermore, Future Anthem uses data, technology and professional services to offer accurate Game Data Science to all gambling operators, worldwide. They use state-of-the-art machines which implement real-life learning to provide the best insight via AI to all its clients. This enables Future Anthem to provide only the best service, thus assisting various businesses and brands to grow immensely. And that is all due to the unique approach via Game Data Science. Consequently, all of these perks are more than enough and a clear indicator for a giant such as Microsoft to go with this London AI and game data leader.

The deal is in the final stages, and it will be complete in the upcoming period. Future Anthem is the first of its kind to arrange a Co-Sell Ready status with Microsoft. This, however, does not come without certain requirements and conditions. The whole Future Anthem team went through painstaking training. After that, they went through the skill sharpening procedure, in addition to learning new ones.

All this is on top of a mandatory accreditation procedure. Consequently, the main protagonist and driving force behind this process are the CMO of Future Anthem, Mitchell Feldman. Mr. Feldman is also a cloud computing expert, in addition to being part of the management team. While making an official statement about the merger, he said the following about the matter:

The elasticity and security of Microsoft Azure, coupled with the lead-generation injection that being a co-seller brings, means that will have a transformational effect on our ambitious growth strategy. This is a significant and exciting development that demonstrates how quickly Future Anthem is maturing and creates huge opportunity for us to hyper scale on a global basis.

Mitchell Feldman – CMO of Future Anthem

Moreover, the accreditation process will get the two companies to practically exchange all sensitive information in order to expand. Meaning that Future Anthem will be part of the Microsoft solution offers. From here, Microsoft’s own sales team will get to present and sell the Future Anthem Anthemetrics platform to all its clients.

So it is no wonder that all current predictions point toward successful cooperation. And even more so when we have such pioneers and giants joining forces. Who usually have a reputation for practically turning everything they touch into gold. Consequently, we expect this partnership between Microsoft and Future Anthem to produce groundbreaking results that can only improve and benefit the whole gambling industry worldwide.

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