Mask of Amun by Fortune Factory Studios, The Greatest Egyptian-Themed Online Slot Ever?

The Mask of Amun by Fortune Factory Studios is an online slot that will forever change the way we look at the ancient Egypt online slots.


Right off the bat, we will say that the Mask of Amun is probably the best Egyptian-themed slot ever, and certainly, one of Fortune Factory Studio’s top three online slots ever, if not the greatest. And while there are several reasons for this claim, one of the biggest factors for the massive success of this slot has to be the graphics and the visuals. It is truly refreshing to see one of the most overlooked themes in online casino gaming turned into a truly exciting product, especially if we consider how much a theme such as ancient Egypt has to offer in terms of ideas and creativity. And the Mask of Amun is just that, and even more.

For example, the visuals and the graphics topple basically all of the previous Egyptian-themed slots, who needless to say usually follow the same boring scheme of not putting enough emphasis on colours and flashy gimmicks. Certainly, one of the top ingredients to get, and most importantly, keep the player’s attention. Well, with Mask of Amun, you get a feeling like you are playing at the finest Egyptian-themed casino in Las Vegas, and everything starting from the audio, up to the symbols point toward this being the case.

And the score of Mask of Amun goes even further up if we take into account the mechanics of this amazing slot. In particular, the long list of bonus features and the absolutely brilliant rewarding potential of 5000x your stake. With this being said, rarely do you get an Egyptian slot where you can choose from a bunch of features such as the Buy Feature, Free Spins Mode Choosing, Lock it Link, various Multipliers, Respins, Cash Collector, etc. You pretty much get the gist.

Either way, if you are a fan of the Egyptian slots, or you simply wish to play an exciting new game from one of the most popular themes ever, then the Mask of Amun is definitely the slot you wish to try. Not only it is one of the top online slots in the UK, Europe and the USA, but it is also one of the games that gained a record following in a very short time, which is nothing short of impressive if we take into account that this slot was released just recently. Either way, top-notch by the highest standards, and definitely a future all-time classic.

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