LeoVegas Enters The Game Development World via Their First iGaming Studio

LeoVegas is setting the bar higher for the competition, by starting their first ever in-game development studio.

One of the best and most promising gambling providers out there, LeoVegas, dwells into new waters with the latest venture in the iGaming world. More specifically, by creating their own in-game studio, Blue Guru Games. This is quite a feat if we take into account that LeoVegas existed since 2013. And is such a short period has managed to establish itself as a casino house with an award-winning pedigree. Furthermore, this status of LeoVegas speaks for the company’s ability to create an excellent product.

Even more so if you take into account that LeoVegas is the first iGaming provider ever to have its casino app in the Google Play store. And this is a big thing. Especially if you take into account the strict and rigorous approval process that Google imposes. So consequently, if anyone call pulls out such a thing then it is LeoVegas for sure.

Blue Guru Games will produce and develop iGaming content which in addition to LeoVegas, will be available for their brands and different operators as well. Since LeoVegas is 85% owner of the studio, we will see how and what the casino will produce. Moreover, LeoVegas plans to create a minimum of 20 games in the upcoming two years. And according to company officials, we will see new and unique characters, set in unique games. This is quite interesting since LeoVegas has gathered quite a team of experts for that matter, and are serious in their approach. Meaning they do not shy away from using others providers to learn and implement.

Even the CEO of LeoVegas, Gustaf Hagman, openly says that they are using data and use the knowledge gathered from external providers. And this is definitely a smart approach. LeoVegas will also have all of its content protected via IP rights. This is imperative since it allows the company to fully secure all their content and products from any potential copyright infringements.

This news is just the latest happening in the world of LeoVegas. Even more so with the fact that the company opened Pink Casino in Canada last year. And the latest integration in March into the Google Play store as well, and the purchase of Expekt Nordics. A well-known name in the Scandinavian Peninsula. So we are pretty much used to hearing about LeoVegas and their successful operations.

Hence, we expect that to be the case with LeoVegas and their first iGaming venture. Especially with the quality and innovation that this company brings to the table, regardless of the task. And that is widely recognized by almost everyone that is part of the gambling industry. Regardless of that, we cannot wait to see the unique and awesome iGaming content LeoVegas will produce.

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