LeoVegas Approved by Netherlands Online Gambling Association

LeoVegas is a new member of NOGA, and starting October 1st will be available for all Dutch citizens.

It seems like the opening of the Dutch gambling market on October 1st attracts more and more attention by the day. And not just any kind of attention. Many of the interested are leading igaming gambling providers, which goes to show the potential of the market. Consequently, LeoVegas is the latest to receive approval from the Dutch KSA. Thus becoming a new member of the NOGA (Netherlands Online Gaming Association).

LeoVegas is the new member of NOGA since the 31st of May, prior to applying a few months back. It shouldn’t come as surprise as to why LeoVegas received this seal of approval without any issues whatsoever. That is due to the rich portfolio and constant innovations that the LeoVegas group is implementing. In addition to the announcement of its own igaming studio and entering the US market, among some of the more interesting news in recent times.

These are the things that put LeoVegas casino among the top-tier casino houses. NOGA recognizes that brands such LeoVegas are probably the best choice. That is since it is a guarantee of a secure gambling environment and responsible gambling practices. NOGA officials weren’t shy of words when talking about their latest addition:

We are absolutely thrilled with this news. LeoVegas is a well-recognised and appreciated brand, it has a great track record and brings swathes of knowledge and experience to NOGA. Which it in turn can offer to and share with the local gambling industry. Like the other members of NOGA, LeoVegas takes consumer protection and responsible gambling extremely seriously, and leads the way with initiatives like LeoCare. We look forward to closely working together with them to the greater good of the Dutch gambling market.

Peter-Paul de Goeij – NOGA Managing Director

You can be sure that LeoVegas are quite excited to have this unique opportunity as well. And why wouldn’t they? Even more so since experts consider the Dutch gambling market to be definitely among some of the most lucrative in Europe. When asked about the matter, Mr Daniel Valiollahi, LeoVegas’s Director of Communications said the following:

LeoVegas’ corporate strategy is to grow in locally regulated markets, and as such we believe in well-represented and well-respected trade organizations such as NOGA to be a constructive speaking partner, ensuring Dutch re-regulation is successful.

Daniel Valiollahi – LeoVegas Director of Communications

This news about the Dutch approval of LeoVegas is a clear indicator that this casino is constantly improving and expanding. Moreover, we hear about the feats of LeoVegas on almost a weekly basis. That is definitely how an online casino should operate. And this latest addition to NOGA just confirms that. Especially since the Dutch can be quite strict when it comes to business. Whatever the case, one thing is certain. Starting October 1st, all Dutch citizens will finally have the opportunity to enjoy the top of the line gaming services of LeoVegas.

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