LeoVegas Will Expand In Warsaw Where It Intends To Hire 60 Developers To Work On Its Rhino Proprietary Platform

LeoVegas intends to expand its base of operations in Warsaw, Poland, where the Swedish giant plans to recruit 60 developers to work on the company’s much-anticipated proprietary platform.

The leading Swedish online gambling provider LeoVegas Group reveals plans to expand its operations in Warsaw, with the intention to invest and develop its proprietary platform “Rhino”, which will further establish the company as the leader in technological advancements and innovation. According to LeoVegas, technology is going to play a crucial part in the future plans of the Swedish giant, which mainly involves improving the overall top-tier customer experience, as well as coming up with innovative solutions to improve personalization, product and payments.

Moreover, LeoVegas Group reveals that they intend to recruit 60 developers to work in the Warsaw-based tech hub, who will then collaborate with the other tech hubs of LeoVegas that are based in Europe. In addition to hiring and expanding its personnel in Warsaw, LeoVegas says that the company will also recruit developers for their other existing tech hubs including the UK, Netherlands and Sweden.

Consequently, the Swedish provider will coordinate these hubs to develop Rhino, the company’s proprietary platform, which is also known as Player Account Management, or PAM.

When giving a statement about the upcoming expansion and the development of the “next-generation platform”, the Chief Product & Tech Officer at LeoVegas Group, Mattias Wedar, stated that the goal is to remain one of the most technologically advanced gambling providers on the market.

LeoVegas’ success, and the award-winning gaming experience that we give our customers, are driven by our innovative mindset and our proprietary platform Rhino. Our new hub in Warsaw is a key part of our strategy to stay right at the forefront of innovation, new product development, and payments while offering a highly personalised experience to our customers. Our new hub will kickstart this next phase of development!

Mattias Wedar – Chief Product & Tech Officer – LeoVegas Group

Speaking of Rhino, it is a highly versatile and scalable platform, that handles all the data from the player, in addition to several other services. These include information on payments, transactions, integration of payments and all of the entertainment that comes from game developers that are under the umbrella of the LeoVegas Group. And since LeoVegas has probably the most extensive outreach in Europe, as well as the world, it is only natural for the public to expect that launching its Rhino platform is going to be a highly successful venture.

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