Invaders Megaways is The Slot You Don’t Want To Miss

Gamblers Connect presents you with the new and improved Megaways experience, the Invaders Megaways.

Ever since the exclusive release of the Invaders Megaways slot on the 10th of June 2021, this game instantly became a hit. What is even more interesting is the fact that it took less than a few days since the wide release on June 15th to appear in quite a number of online casinos. And there are several reasons for that matter. One, and probably the biggest one is the fact that this is quite the twist of the regular Megaways slot.

Meaning that this is a new and improved version, with a plethora of additional features. Should you play Invaders Megaways, you will notice WMS’s attention to detail when it comes to design and themes. Specifically, the theme in this one will definitely captivate you. You have the classic space-alien set-up, with a unique twist of both features and surprises.

Yet nothing is more exciting in Invaders Megaways than the rewarding potency. Especially if you consider the list of different bonus features, each with a different value. As a matter of fact, should you play Invaders Megaways you will find it can be tough not to hit a unique symbol on those reels. The Scientist symbol, for example, can multiply your stake up to 256x. This can potentially get you a max win of a hefty £250.000. And if that is not life-changing we don’t know what is.

Furthermore, the Alien symbol is also one of the big ones, being that it has the potential to get you up to 1 million megaways. Same with the Uni-cow symbol. If you hit that, you can get between 167.000 and 1.000.000 win ways. And these are just a few of the many. Consequently, regardless if you hit a Scientist, Ray Gun, Alien or any of Invaders Megaways’s symbols, you definitely win something.

With Invaders Megaways you are really in for a unique slot experience. Especially if you are a fan of the classic Megaways slot. Then you are in for a real treat. And even if you are not a fan of the Megaways, this slot is packing quite the features to get your attention. In fact, it is almost the perfect slot game. That is even more evident if you take into account the overall quality and reward potential. In order to get the full online casino slot experience, the game must be a complete package. Consequently, that is exactly what Invaders Megaways is.

You have rewards and surprises on every turn, possible by the crazy amount of bonus features. Regardless of your niche, Invaders Megaways is made to get your attention. Just check out the full review of Invaders Megaways to see what we mean. Thus, Gamblers Connect definitely recommends you try this awesome and rewarding slot. Good luck!

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