The Chief Product Officer At Gamzix Oleg Galushko Bestowed Us With Priceless Knowledge On How Online Slots Are Actually Made

We recently had a rather enlightening interview with Oleg Galushko, Chief Product Officer at one of the fastest-rising stars in the realm of iGaming studios, Gamzix, where we discussed various interesting topics ranging from our beloved industry to his personal life, including priceless information on how online slots are made, his expertise and predictions on the iGaming sector, and much more.

Gamix is one of the leading iGaming studios in the industry, and as such, its titles are present at a plethora of online casinos. What are some of the key features that an online casino must possess in order to collaborate with Gamzix?

Our partners are as important to us as our own team. They must share our values and follow the same industry standards. When choosing online casinos for cooperation, we pay attention to whether they have all the necessary licenses first. Ensuring a safe environment for players is always our top priority. Then, we look at the website to ensure it is user-friendly and attractive. Last but not least – secure and convenient payment methods for users. iGaming is about fun, so we want our players to enjoy their experience on every level.

As Gamzix is developing rapidly now, we are open to cooperation and are ready to consider all offers.

Gamzix is known for creating top-tier online slots that are frequently among the top picks for many players. Which are the most popular online slots from your personal experience?

Loved by everyone, fruit slots are always at the top of the list! Of course, slots with the Hold the Spin mechanics are especially popular, such as “Ruby Win,” “Sunny Coin,” and “Buffalo Coin” from Gamzix. The latest games with these mechanics:

  • “3×3: Hold the Spin” is a mix of simple rules, fresh design ideas and juicy sounds. This combination makes the game as exciting, and as simple.
  • “3×3 Egypt: Hold the Spin” is a 3 reels and 3 rows slot, where the most recognizable and powerful elements of Egyptian history will accompany every step of this astonishing journey.
  • “Sunny Coin 2: Hold the Spin” is such an expected continuation of Gamzix’s favourite game. But this time it is filled with new characteristics, advanced design and music accompaniment. It is dedicated to the world’s best civilization – Ancient Egypt and its unrevealed secrets.

Are there any particular features that the players want to see the most (for example Jackpots, Free Spins, etc) and if so, what are they?

Every game starts with an analysis. In order to make it popular among players, it must include features that not only attract them but also perfectly combine with each other to enrich the plot with its interaction. Bonus Games, Gamble Games, Jackpots, and Free Spins are designed to make every round longer and increase players’ chances of winning. Especially when they are interconnected and one feature leads to another. For example, in our latest game “Ruby Win: Hold the Spin” you can win a Jackpot in Bonus Game which is triggered by the combination of special symbols. 

Talking about special activities, I cannot but mention that Gamzix focuses the majority of its time and resources on promo tools which improve the acquisition and retention of both casino operators and players. Bonus Deduction and Achievement Bonus, API free rounds and Progressive Jackpots, Local and Network tournaments; each one has different options. For instance, players could win not only money, but also Free Spins in tournaments, or they could receive Free Spins or even Bonus games as Achievement bonuses.

As CPO (Chief Product Officer), you are directly involved in one of the most important aspects of the company, the creation of the entertainment itself. What are some of the biggest challenges that you face when creating a new online slot?

To be honest, challenges arise at every stage of slot creation: from finding the right idea to the development process. This has become part of our working routine. Therefore, I do not consider them as problems or troubles, just another set of questions that need to be solved. I’m always ready to face new challenges! 

How do global gambling regulations affect iGaming developers? Are there any particular markets that are more challenging to break through?

The iGaming industry is highly regulated, which is totally understandable. It deals with large amounts of money, so security is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is an essential step for every provider to protect itself, its clients and its players. 

We no longer perceive regulations as a challenge. This is a necessary part of entering every market, and nothing can be accomplished without it. We have become accustomed to the fact that it takes time to prepare all the documents, go through the application process, and wait for a rather long time for the result.

Despite being one of the “younger” iGaming studios in the business, Gamzix has already won two prestigious awards: the SlotWise Awards Winner for “One To Watch” and the “SiGMA Industry Rising Star of The Year”. Tell us, what separates Gamzix from the competition in the competitive sector of iGaming developers?

Thank you! We are so proud of these winnings. They become a significant achievement for the whole team and show us that we are moving in the right direction. Three things separate us from the competitors: team, values, and promo tools that stand out.

Team. I think it is impossible to create something of high quality and unique without people, who have the same vision and values. We have such professional specialists around us, and I can’t be more proud and thankful for them.

Values. I genuinely believe in things that you can’t buy but can create. This is something invisible, yet extremely important. When the right ideas and values unite the team towards a common goal, I find it very powerful.

Promo tools like Tournaments. Gamzix has implemented additional bonuses for players in the form of local and network tournaments with Money prizes and Free Spins. The operator doesn’t need this tool built in, because we provide it from our side.

Achievements. It is a unique feature of Gamzix. When a player unlocks an Achievement, Free Spins or Free Rounds are awarded. Achievements are fully customizable and have different mechanics.

Being that AI is slowly taking over every aspect of every industry, do you think that AI will become part of the iGaming world, particularly in the realm of iGaming developers?

As you said, AI is taking over different parts of every industry; in some places more, in some places less, but it is happening right in front of us. And the iGaming world isn’t an exception.

By using AI, game developers can create more realistic and unforgettable characters, environments and plots. This makes the games more immersive and enjoyable. And this is exactly what iGaming is about — a fun and secure environment for every player’s decision.

Gamzix is planning to launch an AI slot in the near future, stay tuned!

The Metaverse is already going quite strong, with many experts predicting an even bigger role in the years to come. What is the stance of Gamzix when it comes to virtual reality online slots? Do you see a future for this form of gambling, being that we already have several slots specifically adapted for this type of technology?

I see a bright future for the iGaming industry in anything that creates a better experience for players. Metaverse is certainly included in this list, as it is about creating a more technologically advanced and realistic environment for the entire community. This could change everything, but only time will tell in what way.

We are looking forward to seeing those changes and definitely want to join the trend which will take the industry to the next level. So far, these are just ideas. We will take a step when it is time for slot providers to do so. Currently, Gamzix is focusing on building its own brand and fulfilling the current requests of the players.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, Oleg? Like what is your favourite book, favourite movie, favourite hobby, favourite quote?

I’ve been working in the iGaming industry for 5 years. And now responsible for the work and results of Gamzix’s product team and I love it! The more I dive into the industry, the more I understand that there are no limits in this profession.

My hobby is motorsport. I have been doing it for a long time, and it perfectly complements my main activity. A bit of extreme sports is something I need after a working day. 

My favourite book is “Deadline” by Tom DeMarco. I mostly read literature, which helps me to stay in good professional shape.

“If you are not the first, you are nobody” – a quote which reminds me of my priorities and helps me to reach my goals.

Lastly, where do you see Gamzix 5 years from now?

Gamzix is a young and ambitious slot provider. Imagining us in 5 years, there’s no doubt that I see huge progress, a lot of achievements and great results. We always set big goals and one of these is to be at the TOP of the world as slot providers. In order to get this we have to enlarge the number of specialists in our team, enter all the possible markets and create a much bigger portfolio with a wide variety of games. As you see, there is a lot of work to do. But having this idea in our heads reminds us of what it is all about!

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