Svetlana Kirichenko Gave Us An In-Depth Analysis On The Industry And Shared What Makes Slotegrator A Leading Provider Of iGaming Solutions

Gamblers Connect had an interview with Svetlana Kirichenko, the Head of Marketing at Slotegrator, the leading provider of iGaming solutions, where we talked about several interesting topics, including the challenges that operators such as Slotegrator face in today’s market, the use of AI in the industry, their goals and way of work, as well as the groundbreaking Slotegrator Telegram casino that is the first of its kind.

Slotegrator is considered a leading operator of iGaming solutions in the industry and one of the first ever to do it. Tell us, how and when did it all start?

Slotegrator is a leading software supplier and aggregator for various verticals in the iGaming industry. It all started in 2012, and since that time, we have been aggregating game content, business, and technology solutions, as well as sharing industry knowledge to enable clients to maximize their business’s potential. 

In 2014, we launched the educational resource Slotegrator Academy, and three years later, we introduced the first version of our exclusive solution for mobile gaming — Telegram casino. After that, we were adding more and more features and solutions for our clients, such as our payment system Moneygrator, a multi-featured sportsbook, and an affiliate programs management system. 

Recently, we presented the new version of our pioneering Telegram casino with the in-built sportsbook and web app, and this year, we released our new and updated Turnkey platform, which already proved to be effective and received positive feedback.

Being that iGaming is a highly competitive and very volatile industry, what separates you from the competition?

Slotegrator is a very speedy and straightforward organization that has emerged from start-up status to being a household name in the industry in a few years. We’re always looking for ways to improve our clients’ businesses. After taking careful feedback, we turn our attention to our products and re-examine every element to see what we could improve and what is missing altogether. 

More than that, we aim to be a business that listens to our customers and cares about their comfort. That is why we react fast to any of their requests and solve issues of any complexity in a short period of time for our clients to be happy round-the-clock.

As Head of Marketing sales, you are directly involved in every marketing campaign. Tell us, what are some of the biggest challenges you face when creating a marketing campaign?

Advertising may be tricky as our industry is regulated and there are some limitations on the different types of ads. However, our marketing focus is quite broad at the moment, as we work in different directions: visiting industry events, doing content and social media marketing, having PR campaigns, etc. One of the challenges is to choose the right method for the right market, as the way of increasing brand awareness and telling the audience about your company differs from country to country, so a detailed analysis is needed to choose the best course of action for the specific marketing campaign.

You are providing a long list of iGaming solutions for both online casinos and sportsbooks, ranging from license acquisition to game content integration, payment providers, and even front-end programming services. What do you see as most challenging out of all your services and solutions and why?

Our flagship is, of course, the Turnkey solution. As I mentioned earlier, in May this year we updated this solution and now our new platform includes the best features of the previous version and has newly added modules for improved performance. It is always challenging to offer products that work well for everyone as it requires always staying up to date with all the industry updates, analyzing feedback from all the clients, and then finding solutions that will include ways to solve the problems operators face today. But challenges always give us even more motivation to be better at what we do and love.

Slotegrator is probably the first company in the industry to establish a full-blown casino on Telegram. Tell us, what inspired you to create the unique Telegram Casino, and how does it differ from regular casino operators?

That’s true, our solution is truly unique and does not have analogs on the current market. We believe that innovation is one of the keys to success in the rapidly changing world of iGaming. 

The latest trend in iGaming is fast and easy navigation — the fewer clicks, the better, as well as the popularity of messengers and social networks is growing rapidly. Mobile gambling is also booming, especially in regions with poor Internet access. With our solution, operators will be able to reach more new audiences.

As for the differences, instead of a traditional frontend, players interact with the online platform through a Telegram bot. The solution supports all of an online casino’s necessary features: making bets, choosing various games from top providers, depositing, getting bonuses, and more.

Slotegrator operates a highly educative and 100% free-of-charge iGaming Academy. Can you tell us whom it is intended for, and what it offers?

Our goal is not to only provide operators with technical solutions but also to educate them on how to use them to get fast ROI and bigger profits from their business.

Experts of Slotegrator Academy conduct analytical research in the spheres of the gambling business and are ready to share their knowledge in articles and reviews. We dive into the gambling industry’s most essential topics and strive to provide unique information and useful insights to our subscribers. 

Slotegrator Academy includes more than 500 articles on our website, almost 50 YouTube videos, and 4 free e-books. Our articles and videos are the result of careful analysis of the industry trends, as well as our own research. 

As for the target audience, Slotegrator Academy provides useful materials for both absolute newcomers to the niche as well as experienced operators. Everyone has their own issues, problems, and uncertainties. Avoiding mistakes is almost impossible, but it is quite realistic to minimize the risks if you know in advance where the problem may arise and how to solve it.

With AI slowly but surely taking over all industries on the planet, iGaming is certainly no exception. How much are iGaming software solution providers such as Slotegrator dependent on using the latest technology when providing their services and is there a place for AI in your vertical of the industry?

Artificial Intelligence is being used more and more in the iGaming industry every year. Many operators use it for fraud protection and identity verification. Every click on a website can be recorded and later analyzed using AI. Based on the detailed analysis, it is possible to predict player behaviour and limit the actions of potential scammers. AI also offers an excellent opportunity to automate a number of processes, such as marketing and CRM.

Slotegrator’s platform, for example, has an Artificial BI module that not only helps operators to analyze data such as GGR, unique players, active players, etc but also makes predictions in what way the business should expand. More than that, it is able to provide Big Data with a detailed analysis of the project’s performance compared to similar platforms working for the same markets.

How does Slotegrator handle local and global regulatory restrictions, especially in your department of digital marketing? And do they apply the same to software solution providers as for the operators, to begin with?

Slotegrator complies with all local and global restrictions and operates business only in strict compliance with the laws of the markets in which it exists. If we are talking especially about the department of digital marketing, we sometimes have some limitations in advertising via social networks, but our SMM specialist in cooperation with the legal department resolves all misunderstandings from Google, Meta, or any other platform for advertising. 

Both local and global restrictions apply to everyone without exception. Our portfolio includes only licensed and certified providers whose activities are regulated by the laws of the country where they operate. 

​Lastly, I am sure that our readers are eager to hear about Slotegrator’s plans for the future. What are some of the key objectives of the company for 2023, and where do you see Slotegrator 5 years from now?

We will definitely continue following all the industry trends to always offer the best products to our clients. In 2023, our platform will introduce more new modules that are currently in the final stage of development.

Also, of course, we are as more areas are getting regulated, we are planning to expand to more markets to offer our solutions to a broader audience. A lot is coming, so definitely keep an eye on it!

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