Interview: Milosz Krasinski – Owner Of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting

We sat down with Milosz Krasinski, the Owner of the leading Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, a consulting company that specializes in off-page SEO and link building, and had one of the most informative and educational interviews to date where we discussed a plethora of immersive topics including their meticulous way of work, the challenges that they face, plans for the future, and much more!

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Milosz, you are the Owner & CEO of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, a leading consulting company specializing in off-page SEO and link building. Tell us, what inspired you to launch Chilli Fruit Web?

There were very few people who were truly dedicated to this topic, and chased the best links in the industry. The market lacked companies providing custom-built solutions, and our technical SEO knowledge allowed us to talk to the client and understand their pain points and needs. Link building gives us a broader perspective and our clients get attached to the high quality, so very often the partnership lasts years.

As a company specializing in Link-Building & Digital PR consulting services, it should come as no secret that Chilli Fruit Web is in high demand. Are there any particular industries that Chilli Fruit Web specializes in, or are you open to working with all kinds of businesses, such as iGaming brands, for example?

We started as a web design and SEO company, but over time we have specialised in digital PR and link building. We have worked in iGaming industry for the past 4 years, and throughout that time we have worked with LVBet, Energy Casino, AskGamblers and other leading companies. 

We do not have a specific niche in which we have settled yet. As a relatively young company, we’re happy to explore all the areas and deal with different challenges. Right now, the biggest part of our clients comes from iGaming companies, software houses and SaaS companies, but recently we’ve expanded the cooperation with other brands. Especially the iGaming industry is interesting to us, because it’s one of the most demanding challenges we have faced so far, and there is a lot to be learned from working with those companies. 

Chilli Fruit Web is known for providing a plethora of services with the sole purpose of elevating brands and companies, such as Search Engine Optimisation, but also digital PR, content creation and consulting., etc. In your personal opinion, what is the most efficient,  and at the same time,  most frequent service requested by your clients?

At Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, we try not to provide our services like in a shop, where you pick your products and go to the register. Instead, we focus on finding the pain points of our clients and adjusting the services to provide the best solution to the problems. There is no path which will fit all the customers. First of all, we have to dedicate time and effort to understand our client’s needs and struggles, and when we meet on a call, we discuss what the options are. A recurring problem is being outranked by the direct competitors in the SERPs’, so the solution is to build links. But even that has multiple approaches. Depending on the current link profile of the client, the competitor analysis and the content on their site, we adjust the amount of links built and the targets to which we build links. 

Another service we provide, which is gaining in popularity is doing HARO  for companies. HARO is a platform connecting journalists with industry experts, where the first group publishes their queries regarding upcoming articles, and the latter can provide insights which help the journalists craft the most appealing and trustworthy piece of information. Being agile in HARO allows for obtaining links, which are impossible to buy, such as Forbes, USAToday, GoBankingRates, Yahoo, Forbes, MSN etc. Those links come from sites with the most authority and significantly improve the website’s perception by Google Algorithms.    

What are some of the biggest names that you have worked with up until now? And what is the biggest difference between creating campaigns for big companies and smaller brands?

Some of the names we’ve worked with so far are AskGamblers, LV Bet, Energy Casino

Small brands do not have a big budget, therefore they cannot apply the same strategies as the leaders. They need to look for other tactics and quick queens. To me, a quick queen is looking for games on the rise in different countries, especially in regions with little competition. When adding that game in a region where it’s not yet popular, it’s important to add the game’s name to the URL, so it looks like this Google will recognize the keyword in your URL and will give a good boost to start off and rank high for it. In order to  find the upcoming games on the rise, you have to be quick and anticipate some movements on the popularity charts, and then start building links quickly to that URL, in order to secure your #1 spot

When working with big companies, it’s most important to be quick on the budget and the pace of building links via sponsored articles, looking for potential link placements. There are many viable strategies when working with big brands, so the USP should be your speed at a reasonable price. Digital PR is something that always works, and it’s helpful when a company spent their budget on SEO two years ago, last year, and now they have to keep up the pace of growth, whereas small casinos do not have the issue of keeping up the pace. They only look for growth, and tend not to risk. A common mistake for smaller brands is trying to bite off more than they can chew and stagnate. 

Being that you are an international company that works with brands from all corners of the globe, you are surely familiar with quite a few local laws and jurisdictions. Is Chilli Web susceptible to local regulations, and if so, how do you overcome this issue when creating a campaign for your clients?

As an agency, we are not restricted, but it depends on our clients. For example, Hungary can only publish sponsored content with a link to bookmaking only in Hungary, but online casinos are strictly restricted. We operate in the markets which are preferred by the client, whether it’s Hungary, Romania, Brazil, or any other region in the world. As long as they can operate in the country, we can provide with them our services for that market. 

In light of the previous question, are there any particular markets where Chilli Web Fruit is not able to offer its services due to some reasons? 

Sometimes we cannot cooperate due to cultural differences. In Japan, cold outreach is almost impossible, and if you don’t have a person on-site to attend the business meetings, you will not be able to get a client or a partner. We’ve discussed this topic with some consultants, and they advised us to either invest heavily into the market and hire some local people there, or simply give up on this idea. On the other hand, there is Brazil, where people are really open to foreigners and our outreach has a significantly higher success rate than in any other country.

As the Owner of Chilli Fruit Web, you are directly involved in all of the dealings of the company. Tell us, what is the most challenging aspect of being the CEO of a consulting agency such as Chilli Fruit Web?

The most challenging part is human management. SEO requires a lot of analysis and drawing conclusions. Even when employees work in a team, most of their effort comes from individual work. It is my responsibility to keep the morale high and find solutions which will draw the team together, without burnout. Additionally, when the company had 2 employees, I knew them very well and knew how to approach them. With 12 people on board now, I still try to know as much about them as possible, so that communication can be the most effective. Yet, it’s much harder to keep track of everything with every new employee.

AI has gained such momentum over the past year, that is already present in quite a few industries, especially the ones that operate on the Internet. What is your stance on artificial intelligence? Do you see a place for AI in the future, and do you think it can help businesses such as Chilli Fruit Web?

AI is just a tool, like many others which took the industry by storm. I like to explain it to people the example of a hammer – People should know how to use it, but most importantly – when to use it. It’s a great tool to put some nails on the wall, but you shouldn’t use it to change the lightbulb, a thing which can easily be done by hand. The same case is with AI, a lot of people have become such enthusiasts, they use it for everything, from content creation to preparing emails and internal documents.

Of course, it’s a revolutionary tool, which can bring many benefits to those who can use it, but some people seem to forget that it’s still just a tool, which has flaws and lacks precision.  Personally, we’re using it in some parts of our work, but we want to keep the human touch real. It has surely assisted us with some content planning and keyword research, but at the same time, we double-check everything to make sure it’s correct and in line with our standards. 

AI tools are not able to write specific content, for example, review and comparison articles, including affiliation. While manually written content takes more time than AI-generated content, it allows for a much more relatable comparison of the offers and provides actual value to the reader.

Where do you see Chilli Fruit Web 10 years from now, Milosz? Are there any major plans that we should expect from the company in the future?

10 years for a small company is too far to share any predictions, especially when we operate in the digital world. Even 5 years ago, nobody predicted that we would be using AI on a daily basis and the digital landscape would evolve so much. We want to focus on the steady growth, which will be happening over the next 2–3 years. It’s important to have strong foundations and go forward one step at a time, so even if we face some setbacks, we can quickly bounce back. Chilli Fruit Web Consulting has been growing steadily for the past 3 years, and if we keep that pace in the next 5 years, I will be more than happy with the results. Of course, we cannot predict some events happening in the world, but I’m certain that with the team we have right now, we can thrive in any conditions and prevail over any crisis. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, Milosz. What would you do if you weren’t the Founder and CEO of Chilli Fruit Web? Do you have any particular hobbies or past-time activities that you would like to share with us?

I used to be a sound engineer and wanted to get on the big stage. I started small in London and worked my way up. Eventually got to the point where I was one of the people working on sound mastering for Frank Sinatra. And it’s a story which sounds good during a social meeting in a bar, but I had little to no money from that and knew I needed to look for something else.

If I could do something else, I’d open a recycling company. I’m very interested in the processes and love seeing the world as a cleaner place. Ideally, I’d set up an organization, potentially an NGO, to organize events where people collect trash and clean up the nature. There are many people willing to help, but the world lacks leaders who would enable people to join. I love doing it on the weekends with my family, when we go for a walk, we always take spare rubbish bags and try to clean the hiking routes, but it’s only a drop in the ocean. 

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