Instant Casino & Gamblers Connect Enter A New Partnership

Gamblers Connect presents Instant Casino – the official partner of FC Juventus and a platform with 5000+ games.

Instant Casino has partnered with Gamblers Connect - In text

We simply love finding you cutting-edge gambling platforms that are built up to the highest standards of the iGaming world. The latest example of a casino that is a product of the latest technological advancements in the industry is Instant Casino, an operator that is the official partner of the biggest Italian football club, Juventus.

Yes, you read that correctly, Instant Casino is the official regional partner of FC Juventus. Needless to say, being partners with a legendary sports brand such as FC Juventus puts Instant Casino in a select company of casino brands that collaborate with some of the most prominent athletes and sports clubs on the planet.

Even more amazing is the fact that due to this partnership, Instant Casino gives you access to some truly amazing perks, prizes, and rewards in the form of match tickets, ground touring, meeting club legends, and much more.

Yet, being a partner with a sports brand such as Juventus only means that you simply have to excel in every department that you offer. Luckily for all of us, Instant Casino is proficient in whatever this casino sets to do, something that is noticeable right from the very first time you visit its website.

One such department is the entertainment of the casino. More specifically, Instant Casino comes with 5000+ games, hundreds of live casino games, and a state-of-the-art sportsbook, making for the trifecta of iGaming entertainment.

Moreover, this is a crypto-friendly casino that allows its players to play with nothing but the finest and most widely used payment methods on the planet. Starting with the most popular cryptocurrencies and ending with the fiat currencies, Instant Casino does banking instantly.

And all of this goes without even mentioning the rewarding nature of the casino. We are talking about tailor-made promotions that offer some truly crazy rewards that include a trip to the EUR0 2024 or the Copa America Final. Or you can opt to claim the 20,000 EUR. Whatever you wish.

Simply put, Gamblers Connect is more than thrilled to recommend Instant Casino to our beloved players. It is arguably one of the most advanced online casinos you will ever have the chance to visit.

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