Infinity Dragon Studios

Infinity Dragon Studios

Quick Information:

Founded: 2018
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Number of games: 14
Licenses: Hellenic Gaming Commission

About Infinity Dragon Studios

Infinity Dragon Studios is one of the younger software providers, but also one of the most exciting, if you ask us. Though founded in 2018, this studio already enjoys a reputation for creating online slots that are more like action movies than online slots. Moreover, Infinity Dragon Studios is also known for stacking its slots with rewarding bonus features, and for creating some truly impeccable math models where big wins and high volatility are top priorities. On top of this, this software provider is also a stickler for visuals and graphics, being that all of its games are visually captivating and exciting.

Being that this studio is run by individuals with extensive experience across all entertainment verticals of gambling, Infinity Dragon Studios can brag by having a production team that comes from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. This helps the studio have a unique cross-cultural perspective when it comes to creating online slots. Consequently, each slot is a bespoke immersive experience that is a product of fantastic art, high-end visuals, an exciting storyline, and nail-biting gameplay that will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat.

Infinity Dragon Studios Games Collection

Though this studio was founded in 2022, it already has an impressive collection of more than 15 online slots. In fact, each of its online slots is absolutely brilliant and is a unique experience on its own. Regardless of your personal preferences as a slot player, we guarantee you will love the movie-like slots by Infinity Dragon Studios, especially games such as Spies Operation Fortune, where you choose your character and play a James Bond-like online slot game.

Some of the most popular online slots by Infinity Dragon Studios include:

What makes Infinity Dragon Studios so special is its ability to create enchanting online slots that are nothing short of captivating and magical.

Play Infinity Dragon Studios Slots With Real Money

Though an up-and-coming software provider, Infinity Dragon Studios boasts an excellent presence across a long list of online casinos. Despite not having the same coverage as some of the biggest software providers, given the unique slot entertainment produced by this studio, we honestly believe that it is only a matter of time before this studio ends up as one of the most sought-after game developers in the industry.

Casinos Offering Games by Infinity Dragon Studios:

With this in mind, we decided to comprise a list of online casinos where you can play games produced by Infinity Dragon Studios with real money.

Can I Play Infinity Dragon Studios Slots For Free?

Infinity Dragon Studios is already a top-tier software provider, and as a result, it comes with demo versions of all of its online slots. The smart thing about playing demo versions is that you get to learn the mechanics of the game before you spend real money, which is absolutely crucial when it comes to games by this particular studio, given how complex and stacked with bonus features is its entertainment.

You can play free games by Infinity Dragon Studios either by visiting their official websites, reading our in-depth reviews, or the easiest way, by clicking on one of the demo games by this provider below.

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