iGaming Germany 2024: Powered by Eventus International


Get ready to conquer the lucrative German iGaming market as the 4th annual iGaming Germany event is just around the corner. A must-attend event for anyone looking to break onto the German iGaming scene, the 4th edition of iGaming Germany is the only event in the industry that is tailor-made for this very specific market.

iGaming Germany 2024, powered by Eventus International, will explore the intricate German gaming scene and help anyone who strives for growth and wishes to catapult their business into this ever-expanding iGaming hub.

Consequently, this ensures an audience that will consist of senior professionals and C-level executives who require more than just presentations and buzzwords, making iGaming Germany the perfect platform for learning, growing, and most importantly, making the right connections with the right individuals that will take your business to the next echelon.

Jan Feuerhake, a legal expert, an esteemed Chairperson and a Salary Partner at Taylor Wessing, shared his legal expertise on the fast-growing German iGaming market, the strategies crucial to its growth, and regulatory challenges.

Q1: As a legal expert in the iGaming sector, what do you find most exciting about the current German market landscape?

Despite its current regulatory struggles, the German iGaming market has the potential to be one of the strongest markets in the world while also having a very high level of player protection. However, there needs to be a shift towards a more rational regulatory regime.

Q2: With iGaming Germany just around the corner, what are you particularly looking forward to at the event?

I have been joining this event series from the beginning. It is a great opportunity to meet new stakeholders and long-standing partners in a very well-organised setting.

Q3: You’ll be speaking on the panel discussing “Capitalising on new online casino licences in Germany.” Could you share a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from this discussion?

The upcoming online casino licences have a great untapped potential under the current regulatory framework. An opportunity for the Länder to show that a well-regulated offering can bring about commercial success and fiscal sustainability while providing a better level of player protection.

Q4: Another panel you’re participating in focuses on “Learning from Others: International best practices for combating the Black Market.” Why is this topic crucial, and what insights do you hope to bring to the discussion?

A regulated gaming market can only work if the alternative black market is not more attractive to players. We hope to point out how to bring players back to the regulated market.

Q5: Looking ahead, what do you envision for the future of iGaming in Germany, considering the evolving regulatory landscape and market dynamics?

The German iGaming market could be one of the top 5 markets in the world. It needs all market participants (including the regulator and the legislative branch) to make it work. I am hopeful that we will take steps in the right direction.

Why you should attend iGaming Germany 2024:

  • Gain Exclusive Insights: Listen to 40+ industry experts in 17+ agenda sessions covering Germany’s latest market trends and regulatory changes.
  • Forge Powerful Alliances: Connect with C-suite individuals, providers, operators, and investors who can reshape your business at 8 exclusive networking events.
  • Amplify Your Brand: Present your company and its unique offerings to a highly targeted audience ready to invest in innovation.

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