iGaming Club & Gamblers Connect Enter A New Media Partnership

Gamblers Connect is ecstatic to announce that we have kicked off a strategic media partnership with one of the best event organizers in the business, the iGaming Club, powered by the ultimate iGaming directory AffPapa.

Known for its ability to host premium iGaming events regardless of the location or the logistic challenges, the iGaming Club is much more than just a regular event that gathers the iGaming elite for unforgettable experiences.

Every event that bears the “powered by iGaming Club” etiquette usually means the perfect combination of business, fun, and prestige. This is amplified even further if we take into account that every edition of the iGaming Club has been held in Europe’s biggest cities.

Whether it is London, Amsterdam or Barcelona, the knack of this eminent event planner for creating some of the industry’s most sought-after events is what makes every iGaming Club gathering sold out way before the event even takes place.

With this in mind, we are over the moon to inform our dear readers that the revolutionary iGaming Club Conference Malaga 2024 is just around the corner, and with that, the tickets for what many deem the “event of the year” are already available for purchase.

The most exciting part about this fact is that due to our newly-found partnership with the iGaming Club, everyone who is interested in attending this groundbreaking iGaming event can purchase tickets for the Malaga Conference with a 10% discount!

That’s right, you get a 10% discount on the tickets either by using the designed code MLG10 when you make the purchase, or simply by reaching out to the iGaming Club with this article!


Whatever you decide to use to get this fantastic discount, just know that the tickets for the iGaming Club Malaga 2024 are in high demand, and as such, time is of the essence. 

This means that you should hurry up and book your tickets while you still have time, and be a part of the first iGaming event in the history of the industry to be organized in the beautiful and sunny city of Malaga!

Believe us when we say that attending one of these events is a life-changing experience and one of the best things that can happen to everyone who is even remotely connected to the iGaming industry, so make sure to do anything in your power to be there!

  • Date: 26-27 May
  • Location: Malaga, Spain
  • Discount Code: MLG10

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