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There are a lot of online poker games out there that are being played on a daily basis, but rarely you will find a title as popular, exciting, and engaging as Poker Flips by WPT Global. All it takes is one look at the reputation that WPT Global enjoys on a global scale as a facilitator of the best online poker tournaments, and you immediately see why Poker Flips is one of the go-to games for poker enthusiasts around the world. Not only do you get one of the most visually appealing games, but by playing Poker Flips you also embark on an authentic poker journey inspired by the captivating Wild West.

While on the surface it may seem like you are playing yet another poker game, in essence, Poker Flips is 100% unique, and it is all about making each session as exciting as possible. For one, every round is lightning-fast, meaning that you are constantly engaged in pure poker action. Then you have the two main characters (bull and cowboy), also inspired by the Wild West, and purposely created to make your experience even more unique and fun. In fact, part of what makes this game unique is the rules of the game, being that you actually bet on these two characters, i.e. their hand. In other words, you are in for quite the experience.



As we stated earlier, this is definitely not your average poker game. This is because Poker Flips is all about your ability to guess the outcome of the cards of the two main characters of the game, the bull, and the cowboy. Being that this is a brand new format courtesy of WPT Global, it is quite different from all the other poker games. In fact, you may say that you are passively involved in this game since your sole mission is to predict the outcome of the game itself.

The first thing you need to know is that Poker Flips has three different bets

  • Bet on the winner
  • Predict a tie
  • Bet on a specific hand ( full house, flush, pair of aces, high card, quads, a pair, trips)

From here, we will break down the entire process into 3 easy steps.

Step 1

The computer will deal two cards face down to both the Bull and the Cowboy. They include the flop, turn, and river, and these make for the Community Cards. This starts the clock which gives you 15 seconds to place your bet, and each bet comes with different odds. 

Step 2

As soon as the clock starts, you have 15 seconds to select your wager amount, and then you have to place your coins in the betting areas that you wish to wager at. After the 15 seconds pass, all betting is closed.

Step 3

Once every player has placed his bet, first the Cowboy and the Bull will show their hands, and then the Community Cards will be displayed. After this happens, the winning hand will be featured, the winning bets will be shown, and the payouts shipped to the winning players.

Finally, each payout will be calculated via an advanced algorithm that relies on mathematical odds, thus guaranteeing a 100% fair and transparent outcome during each session.


However, the best part about Poker Flips is that each winning bet that you make gets you points for the leaderboard. Meaning that for literally every dollar that you win on Poker Flips, depending on your wager, you get a different number of points. Just have a look:

Cowboy or Bull1x
Anyone’s Hand5x
High Card / One Pair1.5x
Two Pair2x
Trips, straight, flush4x
Full House15x
Quads, Straight Flush, Royal Flush100x

And even more awesome is the fact that the top 5 players on this leaderboard will get amazing weekly prizes, depending on their position!

  • 1st: $5000
  • 2nd: $2500
  • 3rd: $2000
  • 4th: $1500
  • 5th: $1000

Moreover, if you are in need of points, Poker Flips also gives you the chance to claim some of the easiest extra points possible, simply by logging in on consecutive days. In particular, depending on how many days you log in and play consecutively, you can win a different number of points. 

  • 3 days: 50 points
  • 5 days: 200 points
  • 7 days: 400 points


Poker Flips is one-of-a-kind poker experience that every lover of the game needs to try as soon as possible. The format that WPT Global used on this one is a breath of fresh air, considering that this poker title is nothing like the average poker games we are used to playing.

The games are lightning-fast, and each hand is done within 15 seconds. This fast pace makes sure that you never lose focus or get bored waiting on a bunch of players to make their decision. Especially since the two main protagonists of Poker Flips are controlled by the computer, meaning that everything is controlled by AI.

Your only job is to guess the outcome of either the Bull or the Cowboy, place your bets, and beat the rest of the players on the table. And the best part is that for each win that you make you get points that qualify you on the leaderboard. Gather a certain amount of points, and WPT Global will give you cash prizes up to $5000.

If we take into account the reputation of WPT Global as the leading creator of online poker tournaments, then you should expect nothing but top-tier poker entertainment created by the highest standards of the industry. This is why we recommend you give this revolutionary poker game a shot, we guarantee you will love it!

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