Gamblers Connect & Tipster Competition Bring You The Ultimate Competition

Gamblers Connect is extremely proud to present you the product of our collaboration with the leading betting partner Tipster Competition, our very own Gamblers Connect Competition.

Gamblers Connect is ecstatic to announce a brand new competition which is a product of the collaboration with one of our closest partners, Tipster Competition. Being that both Tipster Competition and Gamblers Connect strive for excellence regardless of the venture, we joined forces in order to give you a convenient way to make some easy money. Being that Tipster is the ultimate hub for any sports betting enthusiasts, and Gamblers are the go-to place for casino buffs, this project is definitely set to make history.

And it takes very little googling in order to learn about the experience and reputation of Tipster Competition. Especially when it comes to creating betting tournaments and competitions. Even if you are not familiar, you only need one visit to the Tipster Competition website and you are a fan for life. Consequently, with this in mind, partnering up with them was only a matter of time, never of intent.

Right from the start, you should know that regardless of the position, everyone wins the same. In order to achieve that, each of the 15 competition positions will receive 10. Meaning that regardless of your luck, you still win the same as the guy before you. This results in the utmost transparency and equality. After all, the goal of this competition is to make sure that you win the easiest money ever. And what better way, than by following a couple of simple steps?

First of all, there are no deposit requirements whatsoever. That is one of the biggest perks of this competition. Regardless of your deposit, you can still participate and win. The only requirements in that area are to make at least 20 bets during the month and that your balance is positive. Unfortunately, players with negative balances won’t count as eligible for the competition award.

You need to be aware that you need to write a well-written, grammatically correct, original English preview. Finally, you need to place your bets at least 120 mins before the start of the match.

Regardless of that, you only need to perform several simple steps in order to become eligible:

  1. Subscribe to the Gamblers Connect Newsletter
  2. Follow the Gamblers Connect Twitter page
  3. Share the Gamblers Connect tweet about this competition

As soon as you finish with these simple steps, you will receive your competition bonus. Don’t hesitate to visit the Gamblers Connect and Tipster Competition’s latest product, and claim the easiest money ever. Again, with no deposit requirement of any kind. You definitely can’t go wrong even if you just visit the Tipster website. Even more so if you consider that Tipster Competition is a website that is built to help you make money. Whatever you decide, one thing is certain. You can only win.

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