Gamblers Connect Receives The GPWA Seal of Approval

Gamblers Connect is thrilled to announce obtaining the Seal of Approval by GPWA.

Gamblers Connect proudly announces the beginning of the cooperation with GPWA, by obtaining the somewhat mandatory Seal of Approval. For those who are not familiar, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association is a unique organization, and consequently the biggest of its kind. With over 25.000 thousand members, 90.000 threads and over 600.000 posts you pretty much get the full picture.

Consequently, in such an environment, you can most definitely expect to find all top-tier brands from the gambling industry. Regardless of your need, you have the best place on the web for you to learn literally everything about the gambling world. Affiliate programs, payment methods, tax-laws information, tutorials, SEO tips, news and much much more.

Consequently, it should come as no surprise why a brand such as Gamblers Connect is proud to be part of the GPWA family. Especially if we take into consideration how much value the GPWA’s Seal of Approval holds. It works pretty much as a ‘passport’ in its own way. Moreover, for a company to get the approval and receive the Seal it requires to meet strict ethical standards and undergo a scrutinizing review. Gamblers Connect always aims for the top.

As such we take extreme caution when it comes to following all rules and running a clean house. Hence, the Seal of Approval by GPWA is only proof of all the effort that Gamblers Connect puts into bringing you the best gaming content on the market. And we intend to do just that until you get nothing but top-tier quality information, which needless to say is what constantly drives and motivates us to perfect our craft, and consequently become even better. Thank you to all of our loyal readers who stick with us no matter what, you are the reason we are getting up every day with the sole mission to provide you with the best iGaming content on the internet.

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