Gamblers Connect New Slot Addition: Path of Destiny

Gamblers Connect presents you a gem from the East, the beautiful slot game, Path of Destiny.

If you are a fan of both the beautiful Eastern Culture and slot games then this one might easily get your attention. Especially if you like nice visuals and graphics. Especially since it can be rather difficult to find the right theme, game type and features all in one package. Hence, the Path of Destiny slot is the perfect opportunity for all who like to perform their gambling activities in an Asian-style casino.

Created by Red Tiger and released on 20.11.2020, this slot game has all the usual gimmicks and features that a Red Tiger slot has. With one exception, the beautiful Hindu theme.

What is interesting about Path of Destiny, is that you will find that this slot has a short, but nice list of bonus features. Bonus Spins, Ganesha Mega Symbol, Scatters and Mystery symbols. Naturally, each of these symbols is different in value. Yet, it is safe to say that the Ganesha Mega Symbol is definitely what you eventually need to hit, in order to trigger the max 1.380 stake win.

In particular, this depends on the way the symbol will hit the pay lines. And if you play Path of Destiny you will see that can be both partial and fully. You pretty much get the picture as to which will get you a bigger win. Yet, to avoid any confusion, you definitely want the full hit.

With Path of Destiny, you have pretty much a safe bet right from the start. Though it may not be one of the most rewarding slots out there, it still has quite a to offer. We believe that it really is an excellent opportunity for a laid-back and relaxed type of player.

Both the details and theme are beautiful and pretty well-thought. And who knows, even if you are a veteran gamer you may still find this theme captivating. Just check out the full review of Path of Destiny and see for yourself. Whatever the case, we wish you luck on your Hindu adventure!

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