Fire Joker Is One Of The Most Popular Slot Releases Of Play’n GO To Date And This Is Not By Accident

Fire Joker is an online slot that should be a classic slot on paper, but the amazing bonus features definitely tell a different story!


Whenever a giant software provider such as Play’n GO issues a new online slot release the iGaming world usually tends to go nuts. And who can blame them, considering that Play’n GO is one of those iGaming developers that seem to know the secret to creating an absolutely amazing online slot experience? Yet, this advanced level of producing excellent slot games is definitely not by accident, being that it can all be traced down to the experience that most of these operators have in this business. Well, one of the titles that really kicked off things for Play’n GO, and consequently one of the reasons for the massive popularity that this provider enjoys today is the unique online slot called Fire Joker.

Launched over 6 years ago, Fire Joker is what we in the industry call a true gem of an online slot. And while there are quite a few reasons why this is the case, nothing comes close to the absolutely unique nature of this slot game.

In particular, on paper, and judging by the layout and the mechanics, Fire Joker should definitely be considered a classic online slot. However, after just a couple of minutes of playing Fire Joker, you quickly realize that this is not exactly your everyday classic slot. From here, the main thing that distinguishes Fire Joker from basically every other classic online slot out there is the bonus features, which needless to say are something that you won’t find in any other classic slot.

In addition to these absolutely fascinating bonus features that we guarantee will make your time worth a while, Fire Joker comes with a rather hefty win potential of 800 x your stake. This might not seem like a big deal, but considering that we are talking about a “classic” slot, and if we combine this with some of the lucrative bonus features, we guarantee we are talking about some truly life-changing wins.

Consequently, the best way to experience what this hybrid online slot is all about is to head to our games department and read the full review of Fire Joker. Not only you will find out that this is one of the best online slots by Play’n Go ever, but there is a very high chance that you will consider Fire Joker your next favourite slot, just as is the case with almost everyone that decides to give it a shot.

Read the full review of Fire Joker

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