Where And How To Find The Best Bitcoin Casino With Faucet Offers?

Best Bitcoin Casino With Faucet Offers?

Everyone in the world is looking for different ways to earn extra money. What if you could combine it with one of your greatest interests? Then it would be the perfect combination for most gamers. This is possible thanks to the faucet offers that you can find at almost any Bitcoin casino, yet finding the best solution can be quite tricky if you do not have the right knowledge.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Cryptocurrency faucets are sites on the Internet that pay satoshis for viewing ads at a certain frequency. To receive money, it is enough to go to the page, register, and perform a certain action: solve a task, enter a captcha, click, etc.

Earnings on faucets are available to every person with a PC and a cryptocurrency wallet, where the money is subsequently withdrawn.

Some people think that Bitcoin faucets are financial pyramid schemes. It does not. The owner of the gambling site earns from advertising, not from the contributions of visitors. A certain part of the income is transferred to registered users, and the rest remains in the wallet of the owner.

Earned money is called satoshi – it is 1/100,000,000 part of a bitcoin (for example a penny is 1/100 part of a ruble).

At the beginning of April 2018, the cryptocurrency exchange rate is $6,800 for 1 bitcoin. This means that to get a thousand dollars, you need to earn about 15 million satoshis. Even the best Bitcoin faucets are not able to provide such earnings.

Principle of Operation

Bitcoin batteries work according to the algorithm:

  • The owner of the crane places advertisements in the form of films or banners on the site and promotes his project.
  • Publishes links on forums, blogs, and thematic resources.
  • People visit a cryptocurrency faucet and perform certain actions (go to advertiser sites, enter a captcha, participate in contests, read books, etc.). The longer the visitor stays on the site, the better the project progresses.

After the action is done, a button appears that requires you to enter the wallet number. Satoshis are counted. Today, there are cranes in which money is transferred automatically.

Bitcoin is very popular among gamblers and online gambling. It is noteworthy that the potential of Bitcoin for online casinos became evident even before 2013 when the cryptocurrency began to be successfully traded on global markets. But what makes Bitcoin so attractive to people in the industry?

To start working in this direction, you need to take the following steps:

  • install a Bitcoin wallet;
  • choose a suitable site and make sure that there is money in the faucet account;
  • specify the “wallet” number after performing a specific action;
  • сlick on the bonus receipt icon (if any);
  • earn money;
  • withdraw coins to the wallet.

How to choose the best faucet Bitcoin casino?

Each casino from the presented list will be an excellent option for players. Here are the factors you should pay special attention to when looking for a bitcoin casino with a faucet:

  • support for the cryptocurrency you need;
  • a large selection of entertainment;
  • promotions, bonuses, and other favourable offers.

You could argue that Bitcoin is more or less programmable money. No one can limit what it should be used for, and everyone can find their uses. It was this software that made it possible to create unique innovations with gambling. Talented developers can bring their ideas to life with Bitcoin, and there are already amazing Bitcoin-powered gaming platforms.

When choosing a Bitcoin online casino, it is good to pay attention to the payouts. Some Bitcoin casinos allow deposits and withdrawals in bitcoins, while others convert them instantly to US dollars. It’s better to choose the first option as you won’t have to worry about transaction fees. Checking table bounds is also a good idea. Most casinos have minimum limits of 1 mBTC or higher. Regardless of the value, you definitely won’t have to spend a whole bitcoin – the limits are set accordingly.

Hope this article will help you to choose the best Bitcoin casino with the faucet offers and earn money with this type of gambling.

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