Evoplay: Rebranding For The Future

The formerly known Evoplay Entertainment have announced that they are beginning a new era in the online gambling industry, by completely rebranding and strating out from scratch.

Now known as just Evoplay, the company’s motives behind this rebranding via this visual and structural makeover are clear. Go after the leading igaming providers in the business. The first steps of Evoplay Entertainment date back to 2017. The year when this top-dog igaming developer of integrated software solutions emerged on the gambling scene. And it didn’t take too long for this award-winning software provider to attract attention.

Furthermore, it should come as no surprise the fast pace with which they won the market. Especially if we take into consideration the quality and the nice retention rates their games have to offer. The company has their main development centre and offices in Europe. In addition to a partnership network in several other continents such as Asia, CIS and Latin America.

Evoplay especially caught the eye of the public in 2018. More specifically with the launch of the first mass-market 3D/VR slot at ICE London. Consequently, this groundbreaking became both a blessing and a curse. What we mean by that is after such an amazing feature, you are constantly under a magnifying glass to come up with something to top that achievement. Yet Evoplay did just that, by announcing a completely new brand, with an improved and better product.

You may read all this and wonder why would such a company need a rebranding. Well, the CEO of Evoplay Ivan Kravchuk can explain this one the best:

In just three years we’ve built incredible success. Now we reach the point where our vision for the next 10 years takes shape. Visually, we’ve refreshed our look and created a new logo, typography and a mascot – these tie together our campaigns, showcase our dynamic approach and streamline how we communicate. How we use this will be wide-ranging and advanced beyond what we usually see in our industry. But behind the cosmetic and visual changes, we’ve made deep shifts to our brand mission, our brand promise and the brand values that will dominate our work going forward

Ivan Kravchuk – CEO Evoplay

Furthermore, the COO of Evoplay had the following statement concerning the rebranding:

This rebrand solidifies our stance as an industry leader offering next-generation gaming, cross-industry marketing innovations and unparalleled partner service. We are confident that Evoplay will not only be the game developer of choice for online casinos, but will also help raise the profile of the industry itself and attract new audiences. We’ve always had bold ambitions-what excites us now is that we’ve developed a 10 year business plan fully built around those ambitions

Vladimir Malakchi – COO Evoplay

Consequently, we expect Evoplay to utilize this strategy in a quite potent manner. This is given how well of an igaming provider they were even before the rebranding was announced. We can only imagine what new heights they will achieve if they successfully implement everything they intend to, and we wish them all the luck in doing so.

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