The Latest $66 Million Lottery Jackpot by EuroMillions Ends Up In The UK

When it comes to the EuroMillions lottery it seems like the UK is on fire, being that there are already three different winners in 2022 alone, and we are only half-way through the year.

EuroMillions Lottery Prize

One very lucky Britton is credited as being the latest winner of last Friday’s $66 million lottery draw, organized by the biggest lottery operator in Europe, EuroMillions, and available for participation across nine European countries. The identity of the winner was made public on Monday, or three days after hitting the jackpot when the lucky British player came to collect his multi-million lottery winnings.

According to Camelot, UK’s national lottery operator, if the winning ticket is deemed valid after the verification procedure, then the £54.957.242.50 lottery winnings will make the anonymous Brit the third UK citizen in 2022 to win a hefty reward while playing at EuroMillions.

However, despite the fact that a sum of money such as $67 million is ridiculously rewarding, that is still not the biggest win claimed by a UK player in 2022 and playing at EuroMillions. In fact, is not even the second-highest. On the 4th of February 2022, another anonymous player from the UK came in and presented a valid lottery ticket that counted a massive £109 million ($133.28 million).

Yet, this is not even the biggest National Lottery win ever, being that honour belongs to a certain British couple from Gloucestershire, Jon and Jess Thwaite. Mr. and Mrs. Thwaite are recorded as the winners of the record-breaking lottery draw, held on the 4th of May in 2022, and consisting of a whopping £184 million ($224 million) prize money.

Considering that the EuroMillions lottery is always in full swing and that it already has a huge jackpot of an insane £122 million ($149.2 million) for Tuesday’s night draw, then it shouldn’t be a surprise if we hear that there is a new winner that surpassed the previous winner of the “mere” $66 million.

Transnational lotteries are slowly becoming one of the most popular means of gambling entertainment simply because of the crazy jackpots. if you happen to live in any of the nine countries that are allowed to participate in the EuroMillions lottery draw, then do not hesitate to try your luck with at least one ticket. Who knows, it might be just you who makes the record-breaking lottery winner headlines next.

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