Dutch KSA is to Review 28 iGaming License Applications From Gambling Providers

KSA, the main gambling regulating body for Netherlands, receives 28 license applications from gambling operators.

The official gambling governing body of the Netherlands, the Kansspelautoriteit, received 28 license requests from gambling operators. This occurred as soon as the KSA came out with the announcement about the opening of the highly regulated Dutch gambling scene. Something that we know was bound to happen sooner rather than later. And that is due to several factors, among which definitely one major has to be this pandemic. So it is somewhat natural that many want this prestigious Dutch igaming license, hence the many applications.

The new market regulations will take effect and begin on October 1st. Until then, the KSA will receive and review all applications that meet the norm. Furthermore, the new Remote Gambling Act is valid as of April 1st. Meaning that the licensing is still in process, and everyone eligible can apply. Consequently, there is a mandatory fee of €48.000 which all 28 operators must pay as part of the submission.

As soon as the KSA accepts an application and approves the license, the operator is eligible for conducting business. There will be special websites approved by the KSA, where gambling operators can proceed to offer their services. Consequently, this will come into effect on October 1st, or with the new market opening. Moreover, it is good to mention that this Remote Gambling Act was first scheduled for July 1st, 2020. And after 3 delays and a dose of uncertainty, it was finally set on April 1st.

The KSA is rather strict when it comes to rules and regulations. This means that regardless of the brand or income, the rules are the same. Furthermore, gambling operators must present a valid strategy, in addition to providing several mandatory features. That is the only way to merge with the Central Register of Exclusion of Gambling.
One such feature is the CDB, or Control Database.

This is so that the KSA can monitor the casino’s software and system. Something that is crucial when it comes to the safety of the players. Moreover, all gambling providers must present a gambling addiction program. This is mandatory and of great importance, since it shows that the company’s priority is the player.

Officials from KSA are also backing the pro-player stance. When asked, the KSA chairman, René Jansen, gave the following statement:

The intention of the law is to channel players from illegal providers to legally reliable providers. With this number of applications, I am confident that there will soon be a sufficiently attractive and varied offer to achieve this objective.

René Jansen – Chairman of KSA

The loosening up of the highly regulated Dutch market is definitely good news. Especially if we take into account how much safer would this type of gambling environment would be. Hence the 28 gambling providers just for April. It seems like everyone wants a piece of the Dutch iGaming license, so consequently, there are many applications. Additionally, a regulated market means new jobs and new possibilities. The gambling operators have obligations to follow the strict rules and to be nothing more than a medium for the players. So, we expect this trend to only continue.

Even more so if we take into account that last month the KSA received 40 applications from gambling regulators. However, many indicators point out that around 35 igaming providers will receive the permit. Another proof that there is no playing around with the Dutch gambling regulator.

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