Denmark Reports Record 90% Channelization

It seems that the channelization of players towards licensed gambling providers is going quite well for Denmark.

The latest news from the Spillemyndigheden concerning the current channelization of players towards regulated providers in Denmark, confirms a record 90% for the year 2020. Moreover, the Danish gambling regulator report states that this number is a 2% increase in comparison with 88% in 2019. These numbers are excellent news. Especially if you consider that when the Danish gambling market was first regulated in 2012, this number was only 69%. For that matter, the only European countries that can brag about higher channelization rates are the UK, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic.

However, many experts believe that aggressive channelization and strict gambling regulations may seriously influence the channelization process. One major concern is the fact that this could potentially push many players toward black market casinos. Something that is very similar to the situation in several European countries. Specifically, both Germany and Sweden are already enduring serious public backlash due to several strict rules, and consequently losing players.

Aside from this news from Denmark concerning the 90% channelization, Spillemyndigheden’s report also states that there is an overall revenue drop from gambling of 6.5% in 2020. More specifically, this is down to DKK 9.17b($1.47b/£1.05b/€1.23b). The biggest drop is noticing land-based casinos with 31.7%(DKK239M) and slot machines with 29.3%(DKK986m). Furthermore, sports betting is also noticing a decline of 8.9%, or down to DKK2.29b.

Yet not everything is that grim on the Danish gambling scene. As a matter of fact, the Lottery is reporting strong numbers with DKK3.2b, which is only a 0.1% drop to 2019. Online gaming is also noticing a rise in numbers. More specifically, 64% of all online spending is from smartphones, which consequently is a 60% increase from 2019. Online casinos are is another department with strong numbers, generating DKK2.45b, or DKK2.35b more in regard to 2019.

Furthermore, there are 771 licensed operators in 2020. Additionally, there were 360 non-profit lotteries operating without a license. The online players who make for the most of these numbers are usually Danish men. Specifically, up to 76% of online gaming customers were men. Out of whom, the biggest spenders are a certain age group between 26-35. This group is responsible for making up 23% of the total player number.

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