Covid-19 a Major Contributor Towards Decline in Gambling, Shows Latest UK Gambling Commission Report

The latest report for 2020 by the UK Gambling Commission reveals the serious impact that Covid 19 has on gambling.

The latest official report by the UK Gambling Commission for the period between April and September 2020 is finally here. And it is clear that there is a noticeable drop in numbers, indicating a UK gambling decline in 2020. Moreover, the GGY(gross gambling yield) for that time period is £5.89. Compared with £14.12b from April 2019 until March 2020, the report suggests that there is definitely a drop, and that is due to one main reason. Covid-19.

In the report, it is clear that many departments in the UK gambling scene were struggling during the height of the pandemic last year. For that matter, we will present you with a clear, yet detailed picture of every gambling sector’s revenue for that period.

The online gambling providers are one of the few noticing a rise in numbers despite the dire situation. They are responsible for £3.08b in the period between April and September 2020. This is an increase of 9.6%, in contrast to the £2.81b for the same time in 2019. Out of this, online casinos are solely responsible for £1.94m, which is a 22.7% increase. Online betting on the other hand is noticing a slight decline.

Online betting promoters generated £1.04b, which is an 8.8% decline. That is mostly due to the suspension on practically all sports events for a few months. Furthermore, Online bingo is responsible for £98.1m of the total amount. This is a 6.2% increase in comparison to £92.4m the previous year. More specifically, 15.3 million new accounts have registered between April and September. That is a decrease from the 31 million registered in September 2019.

Land-based gambling providers are probably the ones who suffer the biggest losses. In the designated six months, land-based casinos reported £67m. This is a very significant drop, especially if you take into account that between April 2019 and March 2020 these businesses reported £1.02b in revenue. From here, retail sport betting vendors are also impacted by the situation.

Reporting £629.3m, in comparison with £2.41b for the previous year. Moreover, land-based bingo also struggled, bringing in just £92m in comparison to £575.2m for the previous full year. And last, but not least, land-based slots are also on the decline. From 186.832 for the period between April 2019 and March 2020, down to 116.333 in between the six months in 2020. All in all a total of 37.7% reduction.

Furthermore, many active gaming providers are also on the down. To give you a glimpse, there are now 131 active casinos, prior to the old 156. Bingo is the same. From 648 premises, there are now 601. Moreover, family entertainment centres are also declining. From 190 in March to 179 in September 2020. Additionally, active gambling operators are declining as well. Specifically from 2.689 in March 2019, then 2.577 in March 2020 and finally 2.522 in September of 2020.

Consequently, multiple activities providers are also having a decline, from 381 to 379 for that same time. Active gaming operators are also on the down. From 10.128 in March to 9.036 in September, both in 2020. That is a 10.8% decline. Out of these active gaming operators, 6.735 are sports betting, while 1.390 are adult gaming centres. The former is noticing a 12.3% drop, while the latter a 4.2% decline.

It is good to mention that the UK Gambling Commission states that these numbers are just estimates, and not exact. The reason for that is that the return amount that gambling providers failed to report is not included in the calculation. Regardless of that, one thing is a fact. The UK gambling decline in 2020 is due to the horrible pandemic. Yet thankfully, we are finally getting back to normal, and with that, we expect the UK to make a full recovery, and even surpass the previous numbers.

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