COD:Modern Warfare Rakes $1.93B Revenue in 2020 to Become No.1 Premium Game Worldwide

COD: Modern Warfare makes $1.93B in revenue for 2020, beating every other premium video game on the way to the top.

The highest-grossing game of 2020, COD: Modern Warfare, rakes a whooping $1.93B in revenue. And we cannot say this comes as much as a surprise. Especially given that almost all video games are reporting record numbers since the start of the dreadful Covid 19 pandemic. And Call of Duty really took advantage of the situation, amassing billions in revenue. COD did so by beating EA Sports giant FIFA 20 which came in 2nd with a hefty 1.08 billion dollars revenue for 2020.

Furthermore, Call of Duty beat some of the most popular premium games on the way to the top as well. Video games such as Grand Theft Auto (3rd – $911M), NBA 2K 2021(4th – $889M) and NBA 2K20(4TH-$771M) round the top 5.

We can attribute the huge popularity of COD to several key factors. One is definitely the pedigree and loyal fan base that COD has. Given that this video game exists since 2003, and ever since emerging it has changed the first-person shooter video games as we know them. Other major reasons are the unique storylines and historical time periods that the creator’s set up. This gives you a unique perspective and an eerie insight into probably the most realistic military gaming experience.

But nothing makes this video game as popular as the Multiplayer mode. There the player can make online purchases to upgrade and personalize their character and gear. Each month you have special bundles and unique items, which are more than tempting for the hard-core players. And with more than 100 million monthly players, you can be sure that the profits will be astronomical, even if the sales are down to several thousand players. Consequently, It offers quite an insight into how COD: Modern Warfare rakes $1.93B per year.

Moreover, COD amassed 962 million dollars from loot boxes from the store. And that is just from 5% of the active players. And the spotlight on COD only confirms our suspicion. That it opens a whole new dimension in esports gambling. To put things in perspective, the leading esports betting picks for most players are Counter-Strike: GO and Dota 2. And even they are nowhere near matching the revenue from Call of Duty. Consequently, with annual revenue north of 1 billion dollars, and growing, the esports gambling market is yet to reach its full potential.

And with the lockdown still in force and many people working from home, it is certain that video games will keep making more money than ever. And with that we expect the esports gambling market to literally explode.

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