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My name is Edgar. I have deposited 20€ in 30/3, with a Bonus CHIP I have fulfilled all withdraw requirements, always played less then maximum value bet that where 5€. The maximum bet i played was 3€, and i winned 1500€. I have deposited with MASTERCARD, and now passed 4 days from my withdraw, they say that i have played restricted games!!!.

I have read the rules, and there is a list with 717 !!! atenttion” 717 games that say that are not available for game with active bonus. I dont know if played or not, but in 717 games, its easier to have played, but if i cant play, the casino, should not let me to play right? I play casinos at more 15 years and always some casino says that, what they do is the value we have played dont contribute to wagering requirements. Now they dont want to give me my withdraw, and say the offer instead the 1500€ i wined offer 250€ to JETTON WALLET…

I dont know what is that. I have deposited by Mastercard, so they have to give me my withdraw by same method or bank transfer. I pay expenses. Do you think this is normal? In a Online casino, have a list of 717 !!!! slots that if you play, in all world casinos, or they dont let play with active bonus, or if you play, dont count to wagering requirements. Here. Before you play, you have to confirm is slot is in that list.

This is too much bad to be true

Hope you can help

Edgar Fernandes

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  • admin says:

    Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. We will forward this case to the casino rep’s attention. Please send us an email to: [email protected] with details such as: the email address that you used for registration and your casino username.

  • Bojan says:

    After an extensive investigation, we have concluded that Mr Fernandes has violated the following T&C:

    1.5 Please note that different games contribute to a different percentage towards the wagering requirements:
    – All slots contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements;
    – Live games, table games, video game poker contribute 5% towards the wagering requirements;
    – Jackpots, progressive jackpots, lottery are excluded from the bonus and contribute 0% towards the wagering requirements;

    Games that are not available for the game with an active bonus: Dragon’s Luck, Cash Volt, Pimped, Magic Oak, London Hunter etc.

    Mr Fernandes, you have wagered on the above-mentioned slot games with the bonus CHIP, which is a welcome bonus.

    Because of the amount wagered in the games, and a mix between restricted and not restricted games with available games we have concluded that you are entitled to 250EUR of the winnings.

    I am sorry for the problem that arose and I sympathise with you but we are unable to do a bank transfer at this time. Our recommendation to use Jeton Wallet comes from our long-standing experience with them and the stability and speed of their service. Our support can help you with the withdrawal process.

    Thank you for playing with us.

    • Edgar Fernandes says:

      Hi Dear Bojan
      The conditions that you writed above arent correct.
      You say that i violated your T&C
      “GAMES THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE GAME WITH AN ACTIVE BONUS: Dragons Luck, Cash Volt, Pimped, Magic Oak, London Hunter, etc…”

      What you dont say is that in your conditions what is writed is:
      “GAMES THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE GAME WITH AN ACTIVE GAME: List of Games” that have 717 slots. What i dont understand is how a casino that have 1000 slots, and that lets the players play in all games, with ou whithout an active Bonus, shows that +70% of video games CANT be played or will lost all.
      Thats neither right, nor moral. Either the casino shouldn´t let the players play in that slots, or in the edge , let play and dont count to wagering requirements,«.
      Now what casino cant do if offer 1000 slots, let player play in all, and in end says that where a list of 717 slots that cant play and dont have right to wins.
      After large discussion with casino, they offered 550€, instead 1500€ i winned.
      Althought i dont agree with value, i thought its best to receive this amount that none. But i am still in negociations wit casino to try to get at least 1050€, instead 1500€ i winned. Then i will consider this claim finished in a way +/- fair.

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