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In the midst of a global crisis where environmental and social initiatives are increasing the pressure on businesses to show greater accountability, transparency, and engagement to respond to some of the most crucial priorities, ESG in the iGaming industry is certainly no exception. In pursuit of a better world, many companies from all industry sectors are accepting the responsibility and are establishing new initiatives and strategies that are meant to better not just the common workplace, but the planet itself. This is where ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), comes into the picture.

The reason why ESG is so crucial, as well as why so many companies are implementing ESG tactics and strategies, is because it transforms traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR), and adds decisive accountability via goal setting, transparent targets, frequent measurement, global benchmarks, the transformation of formal standards, as well as by monitoring and reporting. From here, it is quite obvious that EGS is more than just a momentary trend that brands incorporate to appear more socially and environmentally responsible, but rather a necessity.

By implementing ESG strategies companies are not just jumping on the bandwagon to showcase false commitment. They are taking firm actions to protect the climate and the planet, create more inclusive and diverse workplaces, show responsible leadership skills, and overall, improve their communities regardless of the industry that they operate in. All of these crucial aspects are slowly but surely becoming the norm, which is why EGS is already considered something that is bound to be mandatory in companies around the globe.

An evolution of traditional corporate social responsibility, EGS brings pivotal accountability through monitoring and reporting, as well as transparent measurement, all of which are becoming the norm with formalized expectations and standards. Stakeholders of the iGaming industry are starting to prioritize work on multiple key concerns that are quintessential to company owners and material to iGaming businesses, which in a way is forcing the industry to turn to responsible and environmental ESG practices.

These key points include:

Supporting Sustainability

  • Commitment to decreasing the global carbon footprint and seeking greener alternative energy solutions.
  • Reduce consumption of resources and reduce waste.
  • Improve water and electricity conservation.
  • Stop food waste.
  • Drastically reduce and/or recycle plastic waste.
  • Promote environmental, social, and educational initiatives and lead by example.

Strengthening Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Increase and support board management diversity of gender, race, and ethnicity.
  • Ensure non-discriminatory access to all career advancement opportunities for every employee.
  • Increase and support work with diverse vendors and suppliers.
  • Support social justice and racial equality efforts through philanthropy and partnerships.
  • Create diverse promotional materials that include the diversity of gender, race, and ethnicity.

Investing & Supporting Communities

  • Stimulate economic growth and development, and support community revitalization via capital investment, local business support, and job creation.
  • Deliver and support in times of crises such as economic collapses and natural disasters.
  • Expand career and educational development opportunities via mentoring, scholarships, and investments.
  • Investing in important community partnerships and in corporate philanthropy causes and charities around the globe.
  • Supporting and investing in new research projects and promising individuals, especially for environmental and social purposes.

Responsible Leadership

  • Protecting, empowering, and educating players by investing in responsible gambling initiatives and programs.
  • Provide players with tools, papers, and information on how to gamble responsibly.
  • Ensure robust gambling protection by delivering cutting-edge regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of patrons.
  • Nurture a responsible gambling environment and culture by training employees on problem gambling, responsible gambling, and human trafficking.
  • Set a rigorous set of rules and standards for responsible gambling and player protection.
  • Invest and/or partner with responsible gambling groups/advocates to improve and promote safer play practices globally.

As a fierce fighter for crucial environmental initiatives, social equality issues, and responsible iGaming practices, Gamblers Connect is constantly making efforts to meet the requirements of an ESG-conscious brand. Our main focus is always the well-being of our players and the environment, and this is something that can be easily seen in our content. We put special emphasis and apply extra effort to creating socially and environmentally appropriate content that exists not just to fill the blank space but to educate, motivate, and help our audience better understand the situation that the planet is currently in.

This is why we have come up with the revolutionary responsible gambling index for grading online casinos, which represents a critical aspect of ESG in iGaming. Moreover, we are currently in the process of going fully green by minimalizing the carbon footprint of our website. Even more, Gamblers Connect takes pride in the fact that we are partners with brands and individuals from different races, genders, and ethnicities. We like to see the person behind the face, as we believe that everyone deserves equal treatment regardless of where they are coming from or how they look or feel.

Gamblers Connect is recognized by its peers for being a forward-thinking company that wants to see the world a better place. This can be seen in our dedication to nurturing the ultimate responsible gambling website, partnerships with leading responsible gambling brands, and constant improvement in the field of safer play, as well as by creating responsible gambling initiatives and revolutionary features such as our Responsible Gambling Index. This is why we vow to put special emphasis on the ESG aspect of our beloved industry and promote environmental and social habits that will inspire and elevate.

Building a better tomorrow is an obligation for every single one of us, and the only way we can ensure a bright future for us, the planet, and future generations is by working together.