Book of Easter by Swintt Is Set To Become The Best Easter-Inspired Online Slot Ever

The Book of Easter has everything in its arsenal to become the number one Easter slot in history.

Right off the bat, we will begin by letting you know that the Book of Easter is one of the, if not the greatest Easter-inspired online slot ever. First of all, it comes with a completely different vibe and much more exciting gameplay, unlike the majority of Easter-inspired slots that are known for their mellow music, green meadow background and slow-paced visuals. Even the symbols for the majority of the Easter games are mellow and usually feature cuddly bunnies or a bunch of painted eggs. Well, fitting for a game from the “Book of” series, the Book of Easter just made things a bit more interesting when it comes to Easter online slots.

Released on the 13th of April 2022, this game comes with a completely different attitude, yet without losing its Easter spirit, being that the main protagonists are an anime warrior and her sidekick, a bunny. In addition to spicing things up, Swintt made sure that the Book of Easter has rather fast-paced gameplay with constant bonus features and free spins rounds, that consequently make for an utmost exciting Easter based online slot, with a ton of rewarding possibilities. Up to such an extent, it even has a “Buy Feature” where you can manually unlock the Bonus game feature for the value of one extra bet/spin.

Speaking of bonus games, there are several exhilarating bonus features that are bound to make your experience worthwhile. For example, there is the “Book” feature whereby gathering three book symbols you get eight free spins. Same as when you land three or more consecutive scatter symbols, which is one way to retrigger the free spins feature. And don’t get us started on what happens if you gather the rare three key symbols, and the fact that this gets you very close to hitting the ultimate x4.434 win potential.

Regardless of how you look at this gem, the Book of Easter is definitely the most exciting Easter-inspired online slot that we’ve seen in a while. Not only does it offer far more exciting gameplay than its counterparts, but it also comes with some of the most unique bonus features, as well as one of the biggest wins time your stakeout of all Easter slots out there, period. The only way to see what we are saying is to simply read the full review of Book of Easter, and see why this slot is quickly becoming an all-time favourite.

Read the full review of Book of Easter

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