Blockchain Megaways Is Built To Attract Both Crypto And iGaming Enthusiasts

Blockchain Megaways is stacked with bonus features with a single purpose: attract both iGaming and crypto enthusiasts.


Blockchain Megaways is the perfect online slot for everyone that is into the latest financial craze that shakes the world ever since Bitcoin first emerged on the scene, the lucrative blockchain technology. In fact, scratch that. One look at this game and all of the insane features that it has to offer and you will quickly realize that this online slot is not just for crypto enthusiasts, but rather for anyone that wants to play an utmost rewarding slot, period.

For one, all it takes is a quick examination of the technical prowess of Blockchain Megaways and we guarantee you will be a fan for life. One of the biggest reasons why we boldly make this statement definitely has to do with the absolutely insane 40302 x your stake win potential, which needless to explain is higher than 60% of all online slots out there. However, Blockchain Megaways is much more than an extremely rewarding online slot, considering all of the awesome features that it has to offer.

More specifically, Blockchain Megaways comes with a ton of rewarding bonus features that are integrated with a single purpose: making this particular online slot experience one that you won’t forget that easily. And in order to guarantee that is the case, Booming Games, the studio that created Blockchain Megaways, stuffed this slot experience with basically every bonus feature you can imagine.

So, you are probably wondering what can you expect. Additional Free Spins, Additive symbol, Avalanche / Cascading wins, Buy Feature, Cash Collector, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Multiway, and much much more.

Consequently, all of the amazing bonus features, along with the insane win potential of more than 40000 x your stake, is what makes Blockchain Megaways the perfect iGaming counterpart for the lucrative blockchain technology, and eventually an online slot that definitely deserves your undivided attention.

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