Bitstarz Celebrates 7th Birthday, Perfect Opportunity to Win a Brand New Tesla 3

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Bitstarz is celebrating its 7th birthday, and for that matter has a promotion where you can win and choose between €45.000, or a brand new Tesla 3 Model. So, that being said, rarely will you find a person in this gambling world of ours that haven’t heard about Bitstarz. And how can you? All it takes is one look at the company’s history, and you will quickly realize why is that so. Or just visit any gambling forum for that matter. The fact that it was one of the leading and groundbreaking casinos that implemented crypto back in 2014 definitely made a name for Bitstarz.

Hence, you will find multiple international awards which only stand as a ‘small’ reminder of what type of casino house this is. Especially when it comes to rewards and customers service. Furthermore, many players who play at Bitstarz will tell you about their crazy bonuses and rewards. This is not including the insane jackpot that is brewing at the moment. So that being said, we believe we gave you the right insight as to what type of birthday surprise Bitstarz has in store for its players.

The Birthday Promotion that Bitstarz is having is simply amazing. There aren’t many chances to win a brand new Tesla car at an online casino. So this kind of situation is pretty much something many regular players would not want to miss out on. We will break down the bonus for you, just to have a clear picture as to what you should do.
First of all, the bonus consists of wagering a minimum amount of €100 on any game. This then gets you 1 raffle ticket which will then count towards the main draw. Each consequent wager of €100 will get you 1 additional raffle ticket.

Consequently, the more €100 wagers you make, the more tickets you receive, the bigger your chances for the main prize. Just have in mind that there is no limit on the number of entries, so the chances of winning are practically in your hands.

The promotion starts on 7th April at 13:00 CEST, while it ends on 24th May at 13:00 CEST. After that, all you need to do is sit and wait for the winner to be announced. Note that you can track the numbers of your tickets anytime you wish. Just visit the promotion page, and you will every ticket you have contributed so far. It is important to make sure that all of your personal details are correct and up to date. And that you read all the Terms & Conditions yourself. That is paramount for anything that comes in that form.

The guys from Bitstarz really gave their best to celebrate the 7th birthday in style and win a new Tesla 3 Model. Or, giving you the option to choose to walk out with €45.000 in cash, should you not want the car. Honestly, truly brilliant. It just goes to show that even the big casinos do not forget what is this all about, and who actually brings the casino income. And that is and will always be, the players.

You can check out all additional details concerning the bonus on our official bonus page.

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