Betsson Partners With Big Bola and Enters Mexican Gambling Scene

Betsson joins forces with Big Bola to tackle the Mexican gambling market via mutual contribution.

More exciting news is coming in from Swedish gambling operator Betsson, or more specifically the news about the entrance of the Nordic gaming giant on the gambling scene in Mexico and the partnership with Big Bola. A very smart move by any standards, if we may add. Especially if we take into consideration the size of the population in Mexico. In addition to the almost fanatic sports culture and tradition.

So it is only natural that such an untapped market is just waiting to be claimed. That is what Betsson exactly did. Thanks to the new cooperation deal with the local land-based operator Big Bola Casinos. So we can easily say Betsson and Big Bola are on a mission to take over the gambling scene in Mexico.

With the latest collaboration deal, Betsson just adds another of the most lucrative South American markets to its portfolio. Previously obtaining licenses in Colombia, Brazil and the Province of Buenos Aires(Argentina). So Betsson was in need of a partner in order to properly emerge on the Mexican scene. And what a better way than a 20 casino brand conglomerate such as Big Bola. Additionally, it operates with a license by the SEGOB(Secretaria de Gobernación). We expect that this multi-year deal to be the perfect opportunity for both companies to help each other customer-wise.

The CEO of Betsson, Jesper Svensson has high hopes concerning this collaboration. Even more so since it is not the first such venture for the company. More specifically he had this to say when asked about the partnership:

This is yet another expansion into the LatAm region which we see so much potential in. As we have done in Brazil, Colombia, and the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, we are teaming up with a local partner that lives and breathes the local culture. We are really excited to start this collaboration with Big Bola as we believe they are well suited to help us understand the market better and ensure that our offering not only fits the Mexican culture but also earns the public’s trust.

Jesper Svensson – CEO of Betsson

The Director of Operations for Big Bola, Emilio Quiros has pretty much the same idea. Over there they also love the idea that a gambling giant such as Betsson decided to go for Big Bola specifically when it comes to Mexico. He did not try to hide his excitement when giving the following official statement:

We are happy that Betsson Group has chosen to partner with us for their operations in Mexico. We believe that our market expertise and their knowledge and experience about online gaming will result in an outstanding product for Mexico

Emilio Quiros – Director of Operations of Big Bola

To sum it all up, this type of partnership is nothing new for Betsson. As we said earlier, they already have similar business ventures in 2 countries and 1 province in South America. So it should be an honour somewhat for Bola Bola that they were chosen for the mission of expanding their market. Furthermore, this can only benefit both parties.

As Mr. Emilio Quiros said, both teams have quite a diverse set of skills and expertise, which can only contribute to the mutual goal. The latest partnership will see Betsson provide Live Casino, Casino, Sports Betting and Live Dealer Games for the Mexican public. And knowing the pedigree of a firm like Betsson, we can’t wait to see how this implementation will turn out.

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