Belgium’s Gaming Commission Issued 55 Sanctions For Gambling Providers in 2020

Belgium’s Gaming Commission had a busy 2020, with over 100 reviewed cases and issuing more than 50 sanctions.

It seems like Belgium’s gambling regulator is really doing its job. Being of the more advanced countries in Europe, Belgium’s Gaming Commission definitely lives up to its reputation. The latest news from Belgium concerning gambling is about the 55 sanctions, regarding 23 separate cases. All issued by Belgium’s Gambling Regulator in 2020. A big number for any standards, but totally justifiable. Additionally, Belgium’s Gaming Commission also published the yearly gaming revenue numbers for 2019.

The 55 sanctions are for 23 cases, and the fines come to a total of €59.958. However, the Gaming Commission began the year 2020 on a mission. More specifically, they reported that they were monitoring more than 100 cases at the beginning of the year. Additional 68 were discovered as the year went by. Consequently, 67 of the said sanctions were later withdrawn due to a lack of evidence. It is also good to know that Belgium’s Commission stated in their report that there are currently 15.997 active licensees in the country. Definitely, a rise when compared to the 15.607 in 2019.

As part of the revenue report for the Belgian market goes, below we will present you with how each gambling sector did during 2019. That is prior to the pandemic. Whatever the case, one thing is certain. Gambling is on the rise in Belgium.

Casino Games are noticing a 16.1% incline in 2019. Or more specifically for total revenue of €326.5m. Out of this, €205.1m are from online, €121.4m from land casinos.

Looking at online casinos, Spa casino is reporting the biggest numbers with €50.1m. Coming in second place is Blankenberge with €39.1m. Furthermore, the land casinos revenue is spread among nine casinos throughout the country. Out of these, Brussels is reporting the strongest numbers with €47.3m. Closing in second is Namur with €17.5m.

Consequently, slot games also had a successful 2019 with €297.3m in revenue. Out of this €, 124.9m are from online and €163.2 are from land casino slots. Sports betting revenue for 2019 was totalling €342.7. From here, €135.9m are from online vendors, and €206.8 for retail.

It should come as to no surprise at all as to the reputation of Belgium’s Gaming Commission. Especially since it serves as a protector of the people, and the licensed casinos as well. Their proactive nature and strict regulations are what keeps the market in place. Hence the 55 gambling sanctions in Belgium.

Some even argue that imposing laws and limits such as the weekly €500 is too much. Yet, each licensed gambling operator first concern should be the player, second the profit. And this regulator is making sure that casinos have that in mind constantly.

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