AstroPay And The Craziest Dual Promotion Ever

Deposit at your favourite casino or sportsbook with AstroPay and win one of these two crazy rewards!

the most exciting astropay promotion

AstroPay doesn’t really much introduction, given its reputation in the world of online banking as one of the leading and most widely-use payment solutions. Especially if you are a member of the iGaming community. Then you already know that AstroPay is one of those payment methods that constantly appears at the top online casino and sports betting platforms. Well, due to its impressive global presence in hundreds of top-tier gambling sites, AstroPay has created probably the most exciting and rewarding promotion to date!

What is especially awesome about this promotion by AstroPay is the fact that you can win one of two rewards with minimum effort. In fact, AstroPay doesn’t require you to do anything in particular in order to be eligible to win. All you need to do is deposit at least $20 to your favourite online casino or sports betting platform, and you immediately enter the draw to win either:

  • A $500 voucher into your AstroPay account
  • Win a trip to see a Wolves Match in the 23/24 season

For those that are a bit confused with the second promotion, AstroPay is the principal partner of Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. and as such, gives you the unique opportunity to see a match featuring the Wolves during the upcoming 2023/2024 season. Regardless of whether you are a football (soccer) fan or not, this is an opportunity of a lifetime that you simply cannot afford to miss.

And even if you don’t wish to watch a live match of the Wolves, AstroPay still gives you a chance to land a nice voucher of $500 directly into your AstroPay account. Either way, you get a chance of a lifetime to win something simply by doing something that you already do on a daily basis – bet at your favourite casino or sportsbook. This is why we can confidently say that this is the most exciting promotion, or should we say promotions, that AstroPay has created in recent times, and even more awesome, one of the easiest to participate in. Good luck!

The AstroPay Dual Promotion

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