Arizona Makes Sports Betting Legal

Arizona has become one of the select few to legalize sports betting.

It seems like more good news regarding the US gambling scene is coming. More specifically, the information that the state of Arizona is the latest to finally end the long wait and make sports betting legal. This is yet another step that just goes to show that the US market is just beginning to flourish. And even more, state officials in the US are recognizing the money-making potential in this field. So, this comes just a couple of weeks after the announcement that Wyoming also made this type of betting legal.

The new legislation bill will see that all sports betting and paid fantasy sports will be legal all across the state of Arizona. The first time House Bill 2772 was introduced was in February. It was signed by the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, basically putting a signature to a somewhat historic piece of paper. He also believes that this can only benefit the state and the people. Given all the new possibilities that come with this legislation. Thus announcing the new era of sports and fantasy gambling in the state of Arizona.

To quote the Governor directly:

This is a once-in-a-generation milestone for tribal nations, their communities, and the entire state of Arizona — and I’m proud to sign a gaming compact amendment and associated legislation that will benefit people in every corner of our state. I can’t overstate the impact the tribal-state gaming compact amendment and its associated legislation will have on our state. Today’s signing is a culmination of years of partnership and engagement among many diverse stakeholders — and we did it by bringing everyone to the table, pushing individual agendas aside, and putting Arizona first.

Doug Ducey – Governor of Arizona

There are already several betting providers who are the first to utilize this legislation. For example, DraftKings has a deal that will see them open a retail sportsbook at the TPC Scottsdale PGA Tour venue. At the same time, FanDuel also made a similar deal. More specifically, where they will open a sportsbook retailer at the Phoenix Suns Arena. Both locations are pretty much a magnet for visitors, meaning it looks like an excellent choice to start their campaign.

Furthermore, when he was asked about choosing the location, the chief marketing officer of FanDuel, Mike Raffensperger, said the following:

As we gear up to bring our best-in-class online and retail offerings to the state of Arizona, this is a momentous time for FanDuel, the Suns, and Suns fans alike. We’re excited to open a luxury sportsbook within Phoenix Suns Arena, as the beginning of a long-term and innovative collaboration that will have a lasting impact on the state.

Mike Raffensperger – Chief Marketing Officer of FanDuel

The new Bill will see that all gaming facilities will fund tribes in exchange for a certain contribution of tribal gaming revenue. This revenue is then to pay for all regulatory fees. Moreover, the number of gaming devices that a tribe can operate remains limited. However, it is sure to increase. In addition, the system that allows allocating gaming devices to other tribes will still remain in force.

Consequently, we cannot say that this is surprising. It is definitely great news, but somewhat predictable. Especially if you are up to date with the gambling world. Then it is very clear to see that Arizona is just another one on the list. Meaning more and more states are beginning to see the potential of this type of venture. With that, we expect to see this trend only continue, until almost every state jumps on the ‘bandwagon’. At least that is what the experts who predicted all of this so far say.

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