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Gamblers Connect proudly presents the latest addition in our partners list and one of the more complete casino operators, arcanebet Casino.

Gamblers Connect is especially excited to announce our latest partner, and one of those ‘all around’ operators, Arcanebet Casino. While it may look like your regular everyday casino operator on the surface, you only need to visit Arcanebet Casino once to realize what makes this operator unique. In fact, as soon as you learn that this online operator is in business for no more than a year, you instantly gain respect for what it has to offer.

One such instance, and consequently Arcanebet’s casino’s biggest asset, is the slot game library they have at their disposal. In particular, there are currently more than 3000 slot games at our disposal. And what is even cooler, is that there are 131 jackpot slots as well. All vary in rewarding potential, however, all come with the same level of quality and excitement. And to ensure that you get the ultimate jackpot experience, Arcanebet employs 24 of the best iGaming providers.

The Live Casino section is definitely one of the biggest assets of Arcanebet Casino. That is clear just by the first visit. You will instantly see the attention to detail and rich gaming offer that are an inseparable part of the Live Casino. Consequently, what makes the entire slot experience even better, are the weekly tournaments. These frequent, yet highly rewarding tournaments, are all about having fun and winning while you do so. A truly ingenious way of Arcanebet to turn a regular activity such as slots, into a fun head-to-head ‘race’.

Moreover, it doesn’t take much to realize that Arcanebet is also a betting provider as well. Just as the name suggests, this operator comes with a nice sportsbook as well. In there you will find 17 of the most popular sports on the planet, with nothing but low odds. Additionally, there is also an eSports section, with sports such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Dota2.

And in order to guarantee the ultimate online casino experience, Arcanebet will take care of you with their rewarding promotions. In fact, you get to choose what type of Welcome Bonus you get, depending on your preferences. Moreover, there are also frequent surprise drops and prizes, especially if you are part of the VIP club. Meaning that the more you spend, the bigger your perks and the better the overall service you get at Arcanebet.

Consequently, the best way to fully experience Arcanebet Casino is to personally head and see for yourself. That is since no amount of words can really describe what you are in for. That is why Gamblers Connect is quite happy to be able to announce one of those ‘complete’ online casinos, Arcanebet Casino.

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