Air Dice & Gamblers Connect

Air Dice is an iGaming studio that is known for innovation, dedication, and the ability to perfectly understand what its players truly want to see.

Air Dice Casino has officially partnered with GamblersConnect

Gamblers Connect is happy to announce our latest partnership with one of the most exciting iGaming studios in the industry, Air Dice. Known for its innovative approach and creativity, Air Dice represents everything that the cutting-edge world of iGaming has to offer.

One of the biggest reasons why we are so excited about partnering with Air Dice is their impressive ability to create unique and highly engaging online slots. One perfect example of this is the brilliant online slot Neon Shifter.

Not only does this slot comes with a whopping 10.000 x your bet max win, but it also utilizes the ingenious “shifting reels” feature, where you, the player, get to manually scroll through the reels in order to claim your winnings.

For more information on this unique online slot, feel free to check out our full review of Neon Shifter, and witness first-hand why the games from Air Dice get so much praise and attention.

And Neon Shifter is just one of the many amazing online slots that Air Dice has in its library. This includes mega-popular titles such as Grand Deluxe, Goddes of Justice, Fruit Shifter, Octan Overdrive, Joker Dice, and much more.

Yet, one of the biggest strengths of Air Dice is that it is not limited to solely creating online slots. Remember when we said earlier that Air Dice is known for its creativity? Well, this is because Air Dice creates basically every type of online slot you can imagine, including casino games.

Keno, Keno Bingo, Lottery, Dice, Scratch, and Table Games. Everything that is even remotely connected with online casino gambling, Air Dice has it. And the best part is that regardless of which category you select, you are still met with the same ingenuity and impeccable attention to detail.

This results in some true gems such as Speedy Bingo, Cosmigon, Keno Bingo + 2 Extra Balls, Fruit Drop, Platinum Reveal, Midnight Blackjack… Truly an amazing selection of online casino games, and diversity that it is hard to match by any standards.

This is why Gamblers Connect is absolutely thrilled to partner up with such a quality iGaming developer as Air Dice. Their way of work perfectly represents everything that we stand for. And that is innovation, dedication, and the ability to perfectly understand what our players truly want to see.

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