AffPapa And MuchBetter Kick-Off A Partnership For The Future


In the latest news from the world of iGaming affiliates, one of the leading gaming affiliate operators in the world AffPapa, partnered with one of the biggest and most popular payment solutions providers, MuchBetter. Thanks to this deal, MuchBetter will be integrated into the ever-expanding affiliate network of AffPapa, thus becoming one of the go-to solutions for the long list of partners, i.e. affiliate companies working with AffPapa and looking for ways to further increase their revenue.

One of the major reasons why MuchBetter is the perfect partner not just for AffPapa, but for the entire iGaming industry is because this payment solution offers fast and reliable transactions and payouts, as well as an easy onboarding procedure. Moreover, MuchBetter is also known for its plethora of advanced features and tools that make this banking solution a user-friendly option for all users, especially for the ones operating in the iGaming industry. This is why you can find MuchBetter at almost every online gambling operator on the market.

Especially if we take into account the safety and transparency of MuchBetter which entails the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive data. The list of security features includes Touch ID, the pairing of devices, the use of dynamic security serial codes, and an advanced transaction review program that ensures the safety of the funds of the consumer.

Speaking on the new partnership, the Affiliate and VIP Manager at MuchBetter, YI Zhao, said that the reason why they consider this cooperation one of the most important so far is that this is the chance to prove that there isn’t a better solution for iGaming affiliates other than MuchBetter.

We are thrilled to work with the AffPapa team and join its network as we always look for ways to capitalize on opportunities. We facilitate payments for many operator sites listed on AffPapa, so we wanted to demonstrate that we are the MuchBetter payment choice for Affiliates to double up on their earnings when promoting trusted and reliable brands to players.

Yi Zhao – Affiliate and VIP Manager at MuchBetter

On the other hand, speaking on the behalf of AffPapa, Yeva Avagyan, the Head of Commercials at the company, said that one of the major reasons why they decided to partner with MuchBetter is because the company has an extensive list of little over 550 partners. And even more importantly, almost everyone that eventually partnered with MuchBetter ended up reporting better results in every financial department.

And this is nothing short of amazing, especially if we take into account that MuchBetter exists since 2016, and in a very short time managed to create an extensive database of both consumers, and partnerships, making it one of the most popular e-wallets on the globe.

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