Affiliate Management Software Platform Affilka Hacked

Concerning news is coming from the world of iGaming affiliates, as one of the leading affiliate management platforms, Affilka, was hacked. The news broke out after several partners that are using the services of Affilka reported a breach of security on various iGaming forums.

What seems to have started as an isolated case of hacking reported by one partner, soon became one of the biggest news of security breaches from the affiliate realm in recent times, after many partners of Affilka reported the same issue.

As per the latest information regarding the case, it seems like only affiliate programs are affected by the hacking. More specifically, the majority of partners reported a suspicious addition of odd CoinsPaid addresses, targeting their balance which is stored in cryptocurrencies.

Right after the initial attack, the affiliate partners of Affilka were informed by the Affiliate Guard Dog Forum that hackers were using random CoinsPaid addresses to withdraw the balance of unwary account holders, which as we stated, is exclusively stored in crypto.

Seems like someone has hacked Affilka. Several affiliates have had their Affilka accounts hacked with someone adding CoinsPaid etc. in their wallets.

Affiliate Guard Dog

Despite Affilka still not issuing an official statement regarding the alleged hacking incident, Affiliate Guard Dog reports that the parent company of Affilka, N1, has already reacted in a timely and helpful manner, by sending a mass email to all Affilka affiliate partners, urging them to implement two-factor authentication (2FA).

We would like to bring an important topic to the table about your account security. We highly recommend starting using two-factor authentication – for security purposes. This option should be available in your account, and you can set it up in just two minutes.

N1 – Official E-mail

While the investigation is still ongoing, it is best for all programs that are currently operating on Affilka to contact their official representatives and inform their partners of any preventive actions that they should take.

For the time being, the best thing that you can do if you are an affiliate partner of Affilka is to monitor the forums and implement two-factor authentication. Communication is key in sensitive times like this, and there is no better way to stay up to date other than forums.

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