What Is AffPapa And How Does It Benefit Affiliates and Operators?

If you ever wondered what is like t be part of the leading affiliate platforms in the world, then look no more. Gamblers Connect is more than happy to present you with AffPapa, the ultimate medium for all of your affiliate and iGaming needs.


Regardless of the business and industry we operate, everyone needs a strong and professional affiliate team in order to excel. For that reason, you will find that almost every partnership (especially in the gambling industry) is fruitless if you do not have proper affiliate managers and a cutting-edge platform where you can grow your business. And that is where AffPapa, the ultimate iGaming directory – connecting affiliates and operators under one roof – comes into the picture.

Operating since 2020, AffPapa managed to climb the ranks and establish itself as the go-to option for pretty much everyone involved in the iGaming industry. The reason for this meteoric rise is simply because the entire concept of AffPapa is to provide the utmost professional and advanced features currently available.

And due to this versatility, AffPapa makes for one of the most convenient, and consequently most efficient iGaming platforms on the market. In other words, finding the right partner has never been easier than with AffPapa.platforms on the market. In other words, finding the right affiliate partner has never been easier than with AffPapa.

The best part about AffPapa is that there are no extra charges or hidden fees whatsoever. Meaning that the platform won’t charge you extra money for linking with an operator, or a potential affiliate partner. This is because AffPapa is simply the medium, and nothing more. This means that all of the details of the cooperation are decided privately between the parties involved.

As soon as you register on AffPapa, whether you’re an affiliate or an operator, you instantly become part of the AffPapa family. And with more than 900 affiliates from every corner of the globe, it is simply impossible not to find the right affiliate partner. In addition, AffPapa works with more than 70 tier-one operators and employs a wide range of diverse products. Including casinos, sports betting, lottery, eSports, etc.


With such an extensive list of affiliates, top-tier operators, advanced filters and a number of features, we can easily say that AffPapa is the best at what it does. Up to such an extent, that even Gamblers Connect is an official partner with the best iGaming directory in the world. That is why you can easily find Gamblers Connect in the Top Casino Affiliates section, where we proudly share the stage with some of the best operators in the business.ss.

And according to our experience with AffPapa so far, we can say with absolute confidence that this iGaming directory is an investment that will definitely pay off in the long run. And much more!

So, if you are in need of a high-end affiliate partner from the iGaming industry, then you are in luck. Just head over to So, if you are in need of a high-end affiliate or a top-tier operator partner from the iGaming industry, then you are in luck. Just head over to AffPapa, register an account, and you are just one search away from a partnership that may just change the entire way you do business. Gamblers Connect definitely recommends AffPapa – the ultimate iGaming directory where operators meet affiliates.

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