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13bets.io Casino is a pure example of the marvels that you can achieve if you plan and execute according to the highest standards of the demanding online casino industry.

Being considered a member of the group of online casinos that represent the pinnacle of online gambling is usually a process that can take quite a while to achieve. Yet, from time to time, there emerges an online casino operator that is perfectly equipped to take on even the leading providers in the industry right from the very first day of going live. Well, Gamblers Connect is proud to present 13bets.io, the online casino that sets an example of what a modern online gambling house should be like.

First of all, what you need to understand about 13bets.io is that this is an online casino that gets straight to the point. As a result, you will find that the entire gaming platform was created by the measurements of true online casino fanatics, being that each category was purposely and carefully planned, and eventually executed.

The end result? An advanced online casino platform that offers more than 7000 games, a full-blown professional online sportsbook, dozens of cutting-edge payment options, etc. You can even choose between two different welcome promotions, a casino, and a sportsbook promotion, which honestly, is as convenient as it can be. And this is without mentioning the amazing VIP program that is built so that no player feels left out, regardless of their spending habits.

Overall, 13bets.io is one online casino that has everything that you need to have a top-tier online casino experience, and then some. It works with the most advanced payment option at the moment crypto, and you can even choose up to several different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Gamblers Connect is more than happy to partner with an online casino such as 13bets.io, simply because this is the case of an operator that sets an example of how a proper online gambling house should look like. Simple, potent, and beautifully designed, 13bets.io is definitely on the right path to becoming a permanent fan favourite.

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