YooMoney Review 2022

YooMoney Overview

We can easily say that YooMoney is both the best and most popular online payment method in Russia, and across several ex-Soviet countries as well. The parent company of YooMoney is based in Moscow, and the first public introduction was back in 1997. This was the start of the Yandex search engine. Mind that today YooMoney search engine is the 4th most used search engine on the planet. However, with the birth of Yandex.Mny in 2002, the company practically evolved. Ever since first emerging on the market, its popularity only keeps growing. Today, almost 15 thousand accounts are opened on a daily basis. This is mostly due to the fact that YooMoney allows you to receive payments from other people and withdraw money from ATMs. Additionally, you can use this ewallet for both deposits and withdrawals.

Consequently, all of these features were a major contributor to the fast rise of YooMoney. To give you just a glimpse of how known this ewallet is, it has over 30 million users(with 500.000 plastic cards and 11 million virtual cards), around 76.000 merchants use it, and approximately 90% of Russians are familiar with it. That is just crazy. And besides Russia, you can be sure to find YooMoney in countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Belarus and even Turkey.

YooMoney Review 2021

YooMoney in the Online Gambling World

YooMoney holds high value for most of the players who have the privilege to have it as an option. Being that it is mostly reserved for Russian players, in addition to several other countries. However, if you are one of the lucky ones, than you are in for a treat. It is no wonder why this ewallet is popular, given the awesome features that come with it. And the casinos know that very well. The deposit procedure is fast and secure, the mobile version is impeccable, you have different methods for transaction processing and most important, it is anonymous and secure. Meaning that by depositing in houses that have this method in their offer, by placing cash deposits in their terminal. This hides your personal data and as well your transaction history, thus creating a cloak of protection.

In addition, you can also anonymously place deposits at YooMoney oriented casinos. Meaning that all you need is a YooMoney account, and you can make deposits without any of your personal data being visible. This is a perk many players cherish, since it is quite rare to be able to do your business in such secrecy. All of this contributes for quite a good reason why this ewallet is constantly growing and expanding.

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How to Deposit

Depositing via YooMoney is fairly easy. You just need to create an account, and afterwards transfer your funds. However, as we said earlier, this meant only for those living in a country where Yandex is available. In any case, we will break down the whole procedure bellow:

  1. Enter phone number
  2. Enter email address
  3. Verify phone number
  4. Create password for your account

After you are done with this procedure, afterwards all that is left is to deposit funds into your account. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Find a YooMoney Casino
  2. Visit the ‘Cashier’ Section
  3. Choose YooMoney as Payment Method
  4. Place a Deposit Amount
  5. Enter your YooMoney Account Details
  6. Verify

In addition, you can also use the same procedure when it comes to the mobile version as well. Just note that if you decide to use this one as a regular banking payment method, you will have to pay 0.5% fees on your deposit. We feel that this is a small price to pay for the safety and features that this method has to offer.

How to Cash Out

The cash out procedure YooMoney is as easy as the depositing one. As soon as you ask for a withdrawal via this method, you will have to enter your wallet ID. The procedure is manual, meaning that it may pass 5-7 days until the funds reach your balance. And after that you are done. You can easily then transfer your money to different ban accounts, withdraw them via ATMs or simply use them as you please. Even though it is not mainly used for withdrawals, they still have a safe and reliable transaction procedure.

  1. Go to Deposit/Withdraw section in the online casino
  2. Select YooMoney as withdrawal method
  3. Enter your YooMoney account details
  • Anonymous
  • Safe & Secure
  • Fast Deposits
  • Low Fee
  • Unique Features
  • Limited Number of Countries
  • Withdrawals Can Take Too Long

YooMoney FAQs

Yes, it is basically the same company. The rebranding occurred in December of 2020, when Yoo Money was changed to Yandex Money.

Absolutely. You can use this ewalelt for both deposits and withdrawals, although it is mostly used for depositing.

Unfortunately at the moment YooMoney is available only in 7 countries, and this is including Russia. However, it won’t come as a surprise if other countries are soon added on that list.

Yes, there are certain fees which can vary from 0.5% up to 3%, all depending on the method you are using to fund your balance. In addition, sometimes there can be a flat cost on top of your percentage charge.

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