AstroPay Review 2022

AstroPay Overview

If you are looking for an online payment method that allows for instant and secure transactions in a form of a voucher, then AstroPay is for you. The start of AstroPay was back on March 1st, 2009, by Larstal Limited, a United Kingdom company. And since then it has made its way throughout several continents. Mostly you can find it in places such as Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa as a number one reliable method. However, we must say that it is most popular in South America if we compare it with other continents. As a matter of fact, AstroPay is currently available in more than 10 countries in Latin America.

And the number keeps growing. This is mainly due to the fact that the payments situation over there is a bit shady, with a lot of online scams and untrustworthy payment methods. Consequently, in such an environment, AstroPay excels. And why shouldn’t it, since it offers nothing but safe and instant transactions which is pretty much all that the customers care about.

AstroPay Review 2021

AstroPay in the Online Gambling World

AstroPay is quite active and present in the online gambling industry. Especially if we take into consideration that it is another reliable and instant payment method, perks that are of high value in the gambling community. With partners like Bet365, PokerStars, 1xBet, 888 Casino and 22Bet among some of the most known. In addition to the 27 casinos that offer this payment method as an option. The reason why so popular is mostly due to the fact that the average gambler’s top priorities are speed and safety, and AstroPay has just that. Furthermore, certain casinos have a partnership with AstroPay. You can, by joining and depositing via this method to become eligible to win a nice bonus. Mind that we advise you to read all the rules and regulations when it comes to depositing for a bonus, regardless of the casino.

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How to Deposit

In order to learn how AstroPay works, the first thing you need to do is purchase an online voucher. The price of this voucher varies, and it ranges from the minimum amount of $25-$500. Consequently, you just need to purchase another voucher, or simply keep your card active by depositing a minimum amount. We will break down the procedure for you step by step:

  1. Sign up for an Account with AstroPay
  2. Purchase the preferred denomination
  3. Log in to your Account (with the voucher you purchased)
  4. Go to Cashier & choose Astro Pay Card
  5. Enter the Card’s number, expiration date & CVV number.
  6. Deposit

The procedure is pretty simple and easy, and afterwards, you will instantly receive confirmation concerning the status of your transaction. AstroPay works with several major brands such as PokerStars, Neteller, GoDaddy, WorldPay, Light in the Box, Workana, BET365. So you can rest assured that we are talking about a serious company. Moreover, you can use the card multiple times, and it usually comes with very minimal conversion and income rates. This is in addition to the non-existent deposit fee. Mind that the validity of this card is 12 months, after which it requires renewal.

Additionally, also note that this is a deposit method only, so you cannot use the card for withdrawals. All this together combines for another reason as to why so many people decide to give this one a shot as a shopping, game or betting site payment option.

How to Cash Out

You can use AstroPay for making a withdrawal via a Bank transfer, or a Merchant site transfer. As soon as you ask for the withdrawal request, AstroPay will send you an email containing all of the information concerning your transaction. Note that this email may sometimes end up in the Junk/Spam section, so make sure you check there as well. Furthermore, the withdrawal requests are usually processed from Monday to Friday, with bank holidays and weekends being the exception. Finally, after successfully making a withdrawal request, it usually takes between 3-5 days for the funds to reach your bank account.

  • Instant, Anonymous & Secure Transactions
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Small Rejection Percentage
  • No Fees Whatsoever
  • Small Number of Currencies
  • Voucher Validity Could be Longer (Between 3-5 days)

AstroPay FAQs

AstroPay is an online/virtual card that allows for instant and reliable transactions, and payment options in many different industries.

AstroPay is very safe and secure to use. All of the transactions are anonymous, and all of your payment activity is 100% protected, making this method very reliable.

Absolutely not. You will find no card fees or any additional annual maintenance fees.

At the moment you can expect to find US Dollar and UK Pound as the only available currency options at the moment.

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