• Great Bonus Spin Rounds
  • Interesting Bonus Features
  • Max Win 25.000 x Your Stake
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Lacks Additional Bonus Features

Crazy Time · Overview

The name speaks for itself with this one. Crazy Time is a live game video slot, in production of Evolution Gaming, and had it’s introduction in June, 2020, during the ICE global event. It is no surprise that many players consider this the most exciting game that Evolution Gaming has ever released. It is similar to ‘Dream Catcher’, only with a bit twist: You get 4 extra bonus rounds. This is in addition to the ‘regular’ prizes you can get from the money wheel. A live dealer then spins the Money Wheel, all the time wearing an attire similar to a cartoon character.

Keep reading the full review, so that you find out all the details concerning this pretty interesting video slot.

Crazy Time · Features

The most distinctive feature this game has to offer is certainly the money wheel, which consists of 54 segments. The segments are marked by numbers 1, 2 , 5 or 10, or with a symbol that represents the 4 bonus rounds.

Crazy Time - 2021 Full Review

Mind that different numbers are differently valuable, hence are not equally distributed. We found out that the odds for hitting the bonus rounds are 9 in 54, or 16%. Here is a breakdown of the payouts for each separate outcome.

  • 21 Segments for the number 1 (pays 1x your stake)
  • 13 Segments for the number 2 (pays 2x your stake)
  • 7 Segments for the number 5 (pays 5x your stake)
  • 4 Segments for the number 10 (pays 10x your stake)
  • 4 Coin Flip segments (max win 5,000x or £500,000)
  • 2 Cash Hunt segments (max win 10,000x or £500,000)
  • 2 Pachinko segments (max win 10,000x or £500,000)
  • 1 Crazy Time segment (max win 20,000x or £500,000)

Crazy Time · Bonus Features

Furthermore, Crazy Time Slot has a couple of additional features to offer. You can expect Top Slot feature, Coin Flip bonus round, Cash Hunt bonus round, Pachinko Bonus round and Crazy Time bonus round.

  • The Top Slot feature is a regular slot with 2 reels and 1 payline which is on top of the Money Wheel. The first reel lands a specific bet(number or bonus round), as where the second reel will land a 50 x multiplier. The multiplier will apply to the bet spot, and it’s role is to boost your winnings, or boost your multiplier in the bonus rounds.
  • Coin Flip Bonus Rounds, is as real as it gets. In this feature, you will see that a real coin is tossed from a machine in the studio. The coin has two sides, red and blue. The winner is the side that ends up facing upwards. Before each coin flip is done, a multiplier is appointed for each side of the coin. The winner is determined by which coin side is facing up.
  • The Cash Hunt Bonus round comes with a big screen and with 108 accidental multipliers. All multipliers are covered by random symbols, which are then shuffled. Furthermore, you can select a symbol you think contains the highest multiplier. You can select multiple and different targets in this feature, meaning diverse plethora of rewards.
  • The Pachinko Bonus Round will take you right into the Pachniko wall. The wall is made of physical pegs and a glowing puck which slides down the wall. The puck then will land on a regular multiplier, or on double multiplier. The double multiplier doubles all multiplier value. Here, the multipliers can reach up to 10.000 x .

Crazy Time · Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time Bonus rounds is the best thing is this slot. When triggered, this feature takes you before a mytsical red door. You will notice the giant Money Wheel placed in a beautiful environment. You then have to choose between blue, green and yellow flapper, before the Money Wheel spins. The multiplier that you flap stops at, is the same you win. You can also hit ‘double’ or even ‘triple’, for multiplier boost of 2x and 3x. Then the massive Money Wheel will spin again, this time for up to 20.000x multiplier value. Bellow we present you the odds for the Crazy Time Money Wheel.

  • Outcome Positions Percentage(%)
  • No. 1 20 37%
  • No. 2 14 25.93%
  • No. 5 7 12.96%
  • No. 10 4 7.4%
  • Coin Flip Bonus 4 7.4%
  • Pachinko Bonus 2 3.7%
  • Cash Hunt Bonus 2 3.7%Crazy Time Bonus 1 1.85%

Additionally, Crazy time has the option to bet anywhere between 10p to £5,000. As soon as you start the game, you have 15 seconds before the dealer spins the Money Wheel, in addition to the top slot. The rest is pure luck.

Crazy Time · Summary

Crazy Time is probably the most exciting thing ever made by Evolution Gaming. It’s like they took the regular Dream Catcher and buffed up with 4 crazy features. This means that you can win up to smacking £500,000. No wonder, considering that you get 4 in 1 with Crazy Time. The live dealer makes all the experience even more exciting. The 4 bonus features are a guaranteed way to have fun. Crazy Time really lives up to it’s name. We definitely recommend you try this one.

Crazy Time · Full Details

  • Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • Release: 10.06.2020 [ i ]
  • Type: Live Casino Games
  • RTP: 95.5%
  • Variance: N/A
  • Hit Frequency: N/A
  • Max Win: x25000
  • Min bet $, €, £: 0
  • Max bet $, €, £: 0
  • Layout: NA
  • Betways: 0
  • Features: Bonus Game, Multiplier
  • Theme: N/A
  • Objects: N/A
  • Genre: N/A
  • Others: Live Casino
  • Mobile: Yes
  • Technology: JS, HTML5
  • Last Update: 30.11.2020

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