Other Issues

If you happen to be inactive for some time, the casino may consider your account as ‘dormant’ and as such disable it. This doesn’t mean deleted since usually, only the player can instigate such a procedure. However, if this occurs, just contact the casino’s customer service and they will re-activate your account.
Unfortunately, if that happens there is nothing that Gamblers Connect can do. This means that there is usually a technical issue either with the server or the provider of the casino. In this case, we advise finding the phone number, email, or any other valid method, and establishing communication with the casino. However, most of the time these are temporary issues that are resolved quickly.
Playing at a licensed regulator is imperative if you wish to maintain a professional and safe gaming experience. In addition, the license badge serves as the ‘police’ for the casino, since one click and report via the said license may put the online casino in serious trouble with its gaming authority.
Each casino will have a different regulator depending on its geographic location. Due to the vast market of the online casino industry, this is a long list of different gambling regulators for each part of the world.
Modern online casinos must have an entire section that is specifically dedicated to helping individuals with gambling problems. This includes the ‘Responsible Gambling’ section where you can learn about how to best tailor your strategy and limit your spending. If that doesn’t work, you can always self-exclude from online gambling, by simply contacting the casino and requesting a block on any future deposits, i.e. bets.

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