Deposit Issues

If you haven’t visited your account in a while, the casino may deem the profile as dormant and disable it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the account is deleted, nor that you cannot access it again. Just contact the support team and you should get a fast response. However, if that fails too, just contact Gamblers Connect and leave the rest to us.
This can be due to technical issues, or as a result of a specific banking fee by the provider. If the funds are missing but not showing in your balance, that you should immediately contact the casino and provide them with evidence of the transaction.
Keep in mind that the casinos always reserve the right to decline your deposit(you can find this info if you visit the T&C of the casino), if they suspect foul play. This includes a suspicious deposit or what the casino may deem ‘unusual activity. If that happens, it is best to contact both your bank and the casino.
This may be due to a potential issue with your banking provider, i.e. payment method. However, it may also be a result of a bug, hence you should immediately contact both your bank and the casino.
Each casino will set its deposit limit depending on the size of its operation. As one of the most important aspects of gaming, this information is usually in the T&C of the casino. However, should the info is not available, just contact the support team and ask them to give you that data.

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